CannaLife Pleasure Oil


Cannalife’s Pleasure Oil, I figured it was going to be similar to other Clitoral Oils, I have tried but I was wrong I love this product.  This post is my opinion and experience on Cannalife’s Pleasure Oil.

First, I love the price as it is approximately $20.00 or less for the 10 ml bottle which you should consider before investing in the larger size.  The bottle is very discreet and small so I can travel with it or keep it in between my personal items.  The cap and tiny dropper is cute but I removed the dropper as I prefer to use the open bottle since I find the 10 ml bottle small.

I decided to try the Pleasure Oil during my time of the month and only used a drop or two on my vagina lips and clitoris.  During my period I find that I am not very sexually aroused so I figured trying this Pleasure Oil would be useless.  However I was wrong using the Pleasure Oil around my vaginal lips, clitoris and folds on my outer labia helped relieve the pain I usually receive from my period.

After my menstruation cycle, I used the Pleasure Oil on all areas of my Vagina and I am amazed how this oil works.  It does not have a heating or huge tingling effect like other Clitoral or Penis Oils but this Pleasure Oil helps you self lubricate.  It helped me create more natural lubrication inside my vagina by adding to the outer part of my vagina, labia and clitoris.  Therefore it penetrates into the membranes of the cell of my vaginal walls.  Yes it did help bring out my clitoris to the surface and helped stimulating my clitoris.  Yet it does not have the burning or heating effect that I personally find a bit annoying with Clitoral Oils which use Menthol, Cloves, Peppermint, Cinnamon or Peppers.  I have not tried the Pleasure Oil with Cinnamon which is available if one wants a heating effect.

You have to remember that this product is an oil therefore you can use it as a lubricant but you can not use condoms with this product since it is not Condom compatible, but if you just use a small amount on the hood of the clitoris, the natural lubrication you will create is perfect for sexual intercourse.

I find that using this Pleasure oil within the last two weeks that not only has it helped me create more natural lubrication but I noticed it helped with the skin of my vaginal lips and the physical look of my vagina in general.  I am an older woman 45 years old who has started premenopausal symptoms and I am concerned about the function and appearance of my vagina and surrounding areas, and this Pleasure Oil helps.  I highly recommend it and with the price of the 10 ml being available around $20.00 it is perfect for one to try before investing in more expensive sizes or other products.

One other note about Cannalife’s Pleasure Oil is that I have a problem with my Nipples as I am finding that my nipples are sore and very sensitive during certain times of my monthly cycle.  Therefore I tried the Pleasure Oil on my nipples and I was very surprised on how my nipples reacted to the oil.  The Pleasure Oil not only created a positive visual look but it helped balance the level of comfort I was not experiencing before using the oil. The Pleasure Oil is amazing on Nipples and Breasts and helps sooth sore and tender breasts and nipples.

The Pleasure Oil has a slight smell to it which is the combination of myrrh and frankincense and a small hint of Cannabis.  This Pleasure Oil will not get you high so tasting it or adding fiction and motion to the oil will not get you stoned.  This Pleasure Oil is about helping one with creating natural lubrication, adding sensitivity to delicate areas and healing properties to your sexual organs.

I highly recommend trying this product to order retail contact me direct at or wholesale to and mention Laskamaria referred you.


Information from Cannalife’s Website:

A topical cannabis aphrodisiac to activate pleasure zones.

May be used as a topical aphrodisiac to activate pleasure zones, unlock energies, and enhance orgasm. This ancient formula uses the sacred essential oils of myrrh and frankincense with cannabis to bring blood flow and sensation to the area. Apply generously on and inside erogenous zones.This product is NOT intended for use as a lube, coconut oil will breakdown latex condoms and toys. If you intend to use during intercourse, use a non-latex condom.

Regular Pleasure Oil – 10ml & 30ml
Pleasure Oil with Cinnamon – 10ml & 30ml

Each 3-4 pumps contains 1ml measuring 17mg of THC that will leave you tingling and warm with pleasure. A little goes a long way. *Solvent free *NON-GMO

Effects Can be: relaxing, Helps to:, Alleviate pain, Relax muscles, Anti-Inflamatory, Pain Relief
Ingredients Liquid coconut oil (MTC), CO2 extracted THC oil, essential oil blend of myrrh and frankincense.

*Contains 500mg of lab tested CO2 extracted THC

Size 10ml, 30ml, 10ml Cinnamon, 30ml Cinnamon

NU Sensuelle Pleasure Panty Rechargeable and Remote Control


NU Sensuelle have manufactured an amazing new product – a small rechargeable Bullet and rechargeable Remote with Adjustable Panties.

I personally have checked out this item and this my opinion.

The Pleasure Panty is the Nu Sensuelle JOIE but with a remote control.  The JOIE is a rechargeable bullet size is 6.5 cm in length and 1.9 cm in diameter which is the exact size of small bullets that fit in Cock Rings, Feeldoes, Harnesses etc.

The bullet and the remote is coated in a combination of ABS / Silicone which makes them sleek and comfort to the touch.

The bullet is extremely powerful with the 15 functions which is actually 4 speeds and 15 functions of pulsations and modes.

The item needs to be charged for a minimum of 2 hours before you can use the units and both units need to be charged.  The bullet is charged via a magnetic connection to a USB charger whereas the charge for the remote is via a unit inserted in the bottom end of the remote, therefore making the remote splash proof and the bullet is waterproof.

The main difference between the regular JOIE and this Remote Control Pleasure Unit is that you cannot turn the bullet on or off by itself, it only turns on and off with the remote control unit.  Therefore if you lose the remote you cannot turn on the bullet.

The remote control bullet does have a cord so it can be turned on and off and changed functions with the remote.  The cord is waterproof but be careful not to pull on the cord as it is designed well but its not bulletproof in the event you pull the cord hard which means that the remote will not be able to turn on the bullet.

The panties are a black lace with a pouch in the vaginal area to fit the bullet and the cord.  They are tied on each side therefore you can adjust them based on your personal size.  The back part of the panties is more like a thong design than a panty.

The distance the remote via the bullet is over 20 feet in open spaces, once you are in another room then the power to change functions is a bit more limited.  Just press down the negative button to turn off the vibration.  I highly suggest once you purchase this item, read the instructions on how to change the functions and turn on and off.

I’m not a huge fan with the NU Sensuelle logo on the remote as makes it look trashy and flashy.

I love the Bullet at this is the popular JOIE size and rechargeable but with a Remote Control and it is still waterproof, small, compact and powerful.  But with both bullets you have to remember to turn them off not just from the vibration but the blue light as well otherwise you will be recharging the bullet sooner than you think.

The panties are cute but I personally prefer to use this unit in a Cock Ring.

I worry about losing the remote as then the bullet will not work.

The packaging is well designed with a magnetic clasp to open and close.

Over all, for a Remote Control Rechargeable Bullet it is one of the best I have seen in a long time so I definitely recommend it.

Here are all the stat details on the unit.


  • 15 Functions
  • USB Rechargeable Bullet
  • USB Rechargeable Remote Control
  • USB Charge
  • Charge time = 2 hours
  • Running time = 25-50 minutes
  • ABS bullet coated in Medical grade silicone
  • 100% Waterproof (submergible)
  • Black Cotton panty with Lace detail and side ties (one size fits most)
  • Amazingly Powerful, yet discreet and quiet
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Toy bag included
  • Available in Purple or Pink – the panties are black lace.
  • sensuelle-pleasure-pantypleasurepanties

Special Products for December 2016

I have some amazing product specials for December 2016.  These products are available on our website but if you order via email to, or text 604-657-7840 you will receive the extra gifts.


Leather Keychain Flogger with silver plated clasp – approximately 10 inches in length.  Black Leather – price is $20.00 – to order text me at 604-657-7840 or email:


Stainless Steel Small Butt Plug with long Faux Fur Tail in Tan, White or Black.  Price is $30.00 each – amazing pricing for excellent quality.  If interested text 604-657-7840 or email:


Clone-A-Pussy Milk Chocolate – this product is very cool, perfect for Christmas for your loved one.  Everything included to make one chocolate pussy. Price $25.00 each – to order text 604-657-7840 or email:


We Vibe Sync the new Wevibe for couples.  This product is amazing as the unit is flexible so you can shift it tight when using it.  Also the APP is easier to control and you can add your music to the APP.  Price is $250.00 each but if you order from me for the month of December, I’ll add this special gift.


I’ll add to your Wevibe Sync order a bottle of Pink Natural Water and samples of Clitoral Gel, GSpot Gel, Vaginal Tightening Gel and Anal Relax for Her.  All these products are organic.  To order the WeVibe Sync at $250.00 plus the GiftPack email me at laskamaria@yahoo or text me at 604-657-7840.

If you are looking for any Adult Products or Lubricants this Christmas season email me or text me and I will do a price quote.

Medical Marijuana from MMJ Direct looking for Affiliates to Join

I have added an amazing affiliate program to our website and we are recommending companies to join us in profiting from the booming Marijuana Industry in Canada.

The Company – MMJ is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  The owners are excellent business partners who ensure that the Marijuana, Concentrates and Edibles are of the highest quality.  I personally recommend them and these guys are here to make an impact on the booming Cannabis Industry in Canada.

To join as an Affiliate the process is really easy.

MMJ Direct Affiliate Program


1. Register as a user & then sign up to get your Affiliate Number
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Sign into your account: at

From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses and edit your password and account details.

Log in to Affiliate-Area to use the  Affiliate URLs  “Referral URL Generator”

When logged into the Affiliate-Area  you also have access to your stat’s, payouts, and Creative Content such as advertisements and banners.

If you have an problems or questions text me at 604-657-7840 for a quick response.

This opportunity is for anyone in Canada over the age of 18 years of age.


Don’t fall for a Scab Man my opinion only

This is my Blog Post on Scab Men and don’t fall for one or you’ll find yourself in Hell.

Being called a Scab is your average 9 to 5, 40-50 year old guy who usually works in that extreme dead-end job and has extra, extra bullshit of baggage.

These men had dreams and ambitions of doing wonderful things with their life but all it came down to was a beer belly, the job he bitches about and the baggage from the past relationships and yes they are single, or they say they are single but they haven’t had sex with their wives since last year or can’t get it up.

So what happened to these ambition 20 year olds who had a passion for life yet once they hit late 30’s or early 40’s realized it all went to shit and their life became a living hell.

Welcome to aging gracefully – NOT.

Scabs at first are super nice guys but weak in the mind and lack of ambition.  Sure they are great to chat with and incredibly entertaining but they all lack that drive and motivation that we, women find attractive and desirable.

These Scabs show up at work day after day with the motivation of a dead horse complaining about the lack of conditions and calling out the poor me while claiming to say that they care about their job and their career choice but you know the real reason is that they just need the job.

They needed that job as they have baby momma drama or otherwise called ex-drama – Christ – why is it that they all have evil ex-girlfriends who did them wrong when you know that they were the ones with the real problem in the relationship.

The problem being their lack of emotion to anything but themselves.  I love the single parent Scabs who claim to be there for their child as their child is the most important thing in their life.

Scabs are sure that the other parent do not spend more time with the child as then that child will not become a mini-me of the Scab also the ex is ‘super evil’.  But they according to a Scab, all of their Exes are evil as they have been wronged by them.

The Scab’s wrong doing in life is due to bad Karma and to the choices they made.

So now about Sex with a Scab – honestly how the fuck would I know, as I don’t fuck Scabs.

Scabs are so full of insecurities and lies about their own life and their past Sex Life that they suck in Bed as it is always about them.

Scabs love to gossip and chat, which I wonder if they are gay as real men don’t chat on the phone.  All you have to do it tell them exactly what they want to hear about themselves to get them to like you.  But do you mean it – fuck NO and it is not like you and a Scab will never hook up as they will always find endless excuses about their life their drama etc.

I know this sounds harsh but it is the truth trust me I’m not kidding and I’m not being mean I’m just telling you how it is.  Who wants to hook up with a Scab.

Now if you find yourself in a relationship with a Scab – fuckin run.  And run fast cuz you will hit 50 years of age when a Scab turns into a nasty old man.  You know the type who works everyday, always in debt, lets the beer gut go into the full on ‘santa belly’.

Forget sex as seriously he hasn’t seen his dick in a decade so how can he use it or any other sexual skill, but he will always be there if you want to give him a Hand Job or Blow Job. Honestly, he doesn’t even know what his dick looks like anymore.

Scabs become bitter old men and ladies you deserve a man who will treat you well into your older age.  Of course the same can be said about bitter older women as well.

So if you don’t want to turn into a Scab then do the things that you like to do and if you say something follow through with your plans, just do it, don’t think about it, just do it.

Keep those dreams and ambitions alive and start living a fun life – just do it and enjoy life. Don’t fail for the lies and live in hell with a Scab Man.

Remember this Blog is my opinion and Post is only my personal thoughts.












Host a SEX TOY PARTY in 2016 – the WEVIBE Sync Special

Ladies – Book a Sex Toy Party in 2016 and use your Hostess Discount to receive the new WE Vibe Sync which is an amazing couples product – as the Sync is more flexible and you can connect your Music to the App and Vibration.  Price is $249.00 each however for hosting a Sex Toy Party you can receive this product for Free!!!  Contact me at or text 604-657-7840 for more details.



We-Vibe Sync is designed to be enjoyed with a partner. Its compact, body-hugging form is designed to deliver simultaneous pleasure to the G-spot and the clitoris. It’s made from body-safe silicone – free from phthalates and BPA, and made without latex.

Apply We-Vibe™ Lube —made by pjur® to the G-Spot stimulator.

Adjust clitoral or G-spot stimulator for a custom fit.

Have sex in your favorite position and enjoy the vibe.




Dual stimulation
Intensify shared pleasure during sex with deep powerful vibrations that stimulate her G-spot and clitoris.

Adjustable fit
Sync is adjustable to your unique body so you can feel the vibrations right where you want them. It’s easy to adjust.

Remote control
The remote can change vibration modes as well as the intensity in the moment. Either partner can use the remote and it works up to a distance of 3 meters.

Smartphone app
The free We-Connect app allows you to play and control from anywhere. Vibe to music with Beat mode or use Touch mode for real-time control at your fingertips.

100% waterproof so you can play anywhere.

USB rechargeable. Charges in 2 hours, for up to 90 minutes of play.


Download the free We-Connect app and get more Sync features on your smartphone.

The free We-Connect app allows you to play and control from anywhere. Beat mode lets you vibrate to the rhythm of your music. Touch model allows real-time control at your fingertips and lets you create custom vibrations.


New Sex Toys added to Sex Toy Parties

I have added some amazing new products to Laskamaria’s Sex Toy Parties for Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I am currently booking parties for September and October so there are dates available but I wanted to show you some of the new products which will be available to purchase the night of your event.

I always ensure that I bring lots of stock and inventory to a party so no one has to wait for orders.  All prices include GST and PST at the event and payment is simple via Visa, MasterCard, E-transfer or Cash.  Batteries are always included.

Then for Hosting a Sex Toy Party you receive Free items, no gifts, but what you wanted, as the Hostess should always get what she wants.

So check out Laska’s new items for Sex Ed with a Twist Sex Toy Parties and to book a Sex Toy Party in Vancouver, BC, Canada text 604-657-7840 or email: