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Dallas Buyers Club Movie – Review – Profits over Health Care

For years I have wanted to watch the movie Dallas Buyers Club.

Wholly shit what a fantastic film based on the struggle of allowing natural and alternative medicine for HVI and Aids patients in the 1980’s.

I was moved by this movie as it spoke to me.

The main focus of the film – I’m already dying so why not take the medication that makes me feel alive – its better than walking around in pain and half dead. Allow me to choose what I want to put into my body.

The idea that our society are pressured not to follow a Medical System that was originally focused on the health care to better the quality of life of the patient. Now it is about profits over care. Profits are the main focus with the Medical System.

However we have an option, in this Internet world and that is understanding and learning what treatments and medicines are right for each individual.

Take the time and learn about your own body, through research, healthy eating, exercise and find what works best for you. Stop listening to organizations who make a huge profit in keeping you sick.

This the the strongest message I found from this movie The Dallas Buyers Club. Positive thoughts and energy to you. Only you can heal you.

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