Adding Social Media for Adult Businesses

I love the new Marketing for Business which is focused around Internet Campaigns for Websites.

I am offering a new service for companies within the Adult Industry and Businesses who are interested in having an Internet Social Media Campaign.

Click the link below for information:

Social Media for Adult Businesses

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Halloween Inspired Sex Toys

So I am working at the Ultra Love this chilly Monday night before Halloween which is this Thursday night.

I was scrolling through some Twitter accounts and saw that some adult stores promote Black & Orange Sex Toys for Halloween inspired.

Therefore this is my Halloween inspired Sex Toy Black & Orange.


Halloween is right around the corner

Halloween is right around the corner and here in Vancouver we have had a thick fog cover the city, making the city of Vancouver look ghost-like. Very scary.

But I wanted to share my Pinterest Halloween Everything Board as I have added so many fantastic Halloween inspired Pictures and Ideas. You have to check out this board if you are looking for Halloween ideas and themes etc – of course I have added some Sexy Halloween Outfits as well.

So please check out my Halloween Everything Board and please follow me.

We Vibe 3 Remote Package Changes but so did the Power Cords

So this has been a long weekend here in Vancouver, BC – it is our Thanksgiving Weekend.

However I got to work all weekend long at the store on Davie Street and I found out a little unknown fact about the We Vibe 3 Remote.

The packaging for the We Vibe 3 has changed – same size box but the outer package has changed.

Here is a picture of the 2 different packaging:


So what is the difference other than the packaging – the new packaging which on the right side does not come with a power cord for the wall only a USB power cord no wall outlet.

So be careful when ordering the old package over the new package as you should ensure you get the power cord you are expecting – both items are the same price.

Booty Call Anal Toys

So it is Friday night in October and I am working in the store on Davie Street here in Vancouver, BC and I wanted to do a quick blog post on Cal Exotics Booty Call Anal Plugs and Beads.

They are good and designed out of Silicone with a nice curved shape for the base so it is contoured for your body. The silicone is soft to the touch with no sharp edges or points. Which is very important.

These Anal toys are for beginners as they are small but they are amazing.

Available in Pink, Purple and Black. The non-vibrating plugs are $15.00 each whereas the vibrating plugs are over $30.00 but the vibrating units use one AA battery which gives 10 function powerful yet quiet. So definitely worth the extra cost

Check out the pictures on the Booty Call Butt Plugs




Lust from Jopen reminds me of the Plant from The Little Shop of Horrors Musical

So last week at work at the store on Davie Street here in Vancouver, BC – the boss brought in a couple of Jopen products from Cal Exotics called LUST.

LUST is a new rechargeable vibrator with ten programmed functions, soft silicone and charges with a USB cord.

It is a really powerful vibrator but I have a problem with it cuz it looks like a baby version of the plant from that 80’s musical called Little Shop of Horrors. Look at the picture….


See what I mean??!!!!??? Does it look like that creepy plant or a section of that plant.

I have a hard time putting items that remind me of something else near my personal sexual regions.

Therefore I probably won’t use this item but the retail cost is not bad at $100.00 so maybe???!!!

What are your thoughts???

Heart Sex: Increasing Sexual Intimacy by Creating Emotional Intimacy

Great Blog Post about increasing Sexual Intimacy – I completely believe that you have to do so much more than just sex as intimacy is about the touch and the beating of the heart. I really enjoyed this Blog Post!!!

Heart Sex: Increasing Sexual Intimacy by Creating Emotional Intimacy.

Have a Fifty Shades of Grey Bachelorette Party!

I loved this Blog Post about Hosting a Bachelorette Party with a 50 Shades of Grey theme. These items are amazing and with the movie being filmed here in Vancouver, BC and the popularity of the Trilogy – a 50 Shades Theme Event is perfect.

My company – Sex Ed with a Twist offers different versions of the 50 Shades of Grey Techniques and Sex Toy Seminars and Classes – which is perfect for any 50 Shades Party.

Please check out my section for our 50 Shades Sex Toy Party under:

Have a Fifty Shades of Grey Bachelorette Party!.

Why Sex Toy Manufacturers are Changing to USB power output for the future

So with the influx of the luxury Sex Toy products entering the market many manufacturers are changing the basic power cord to USB power cords – the reason why?

So they don’t have to manufacturer different powered sex toy for each country as North American’s power cord outlet is different than the UK / European power outlet yet all computers have universal USB power outlets – so why not save money as a manufacturer and only design sex toys for USB power outlets.

And that is the only reason – therefore they save money and we have to charge our sex toys via our computer or purchase an USB power cord changing unit for an extra $10-$30 each.