December Sex Toy Parties and Seminars

We are offering a Special if you book a Sex Toy Party or Seminar this December 2014.

Book a Party via Facebook or In-home and receive extra discounts and bonuses for Hosting – double the credits!!!!

Plus for any Purchases over $50.00 per person – they will receive our special Surprise Massage Package valued at $20.00 retail!!!!

Host a December Christmas Party and receive Special Gifts and Discounts.

Host a December Christmas Party and receive Special Gifts and Discounts.


To book your event email me: or text 604-657-7840

Now offering Sex Toy Parties via Facebook

Yes we offer Social Media or Virtual Parties via Facebook – why not!!!

Think of all the benefits:

Host a Facebook Party - simple process and receive amazing discounts and specials

Host a Facebook Party – simple process and receive amazing discounts and specials

To start Friend me on Facebook: Laska Maria Freeman

Sent me a Facebook message and I will get you started

Simple process:

I set up an Event and add you as the Host – we set on a timeline and what products you want me to discuss, promote and what your discount would be for Hosting.

You invite Friends who you think would be interested.

When someone orders – you see the SOLD ONE on the Event Page – I ship direct to the client.

We set up Promotions, Discounts and Contests – fun, simple and easy!!!

Contact me for details: text 604-657-7840 or email: or add me as a Friend: Laska Maria Freeman

Facebook Parties Rock

Facebook Parties Rock

Since you are the Hostess you receive fantastic discounts on your order.

Different ways to use a Simple Magic Ring

At our Parties with a Sexy Twist Home Parties we specialize in offering Sexual Seminars mixed with Sex Toys therefore we offer over an hour of sexual education in a fun and informal setting.

One of our more popular items is something so simple and reasonably priced yet it can be used so many different ways.


Our Clear Magic Ring is very durable yet stretchy.  Many stores and companies offer it as a Cock Ring which is great as this Cock Ring as it is stretchy – and fits comfortably on the shaft of a penis to the base.  Then the outside Bumps help stimulate the women while she ‘rides’ her partner as it stimulates her clitoris.

During our Sex Toy Seminars and Parties we offer information to use this Magic Ring on the Finger for the Male to simulate the Female during manual stimulation or Oral simulator but placing it on the fore fingers to rub and massage.

But for the Female to place the Magic Ring on her Thumb and use during a Hand Job or Blow Job as this changes the texture of the ‘Job’ against the Penis’ main vein under the Penis head and shaft which is very sensitive.

For solo play for both Sexes – the Magic Ring worn on the Thumb or Fingers can be used manually for solo stimulation!!!

The Magic Ring can change and enhance your Blow Job and Hand Job and it is something so simple!!!

Another simple technique, we teach is that this simple Magic Ring can be used on any vibrator or bullet to change the stimulation of the vibration on the clitoris.  Another simple technique.

We only manufacturer and offer our Magic Rings in Clear Silicone / TPR mixture so they are stretchy and durable and extremely reasonable at $5.00 each and can be used 5 different ways.

Our Magic Rings are even more reasonable in price when you Host a Party for you and your guests – but you can only get this amazing pricing when you attend or book a SEX TOY PARTY with Parties with a Sexy Twist.

ALSO FOR NOVEMBER and DECEMBER 2014 we are offering all Attendees (who purchase over $10.00 at a party) and Hostesses a FREE MAGIC RING as your Gift (available only in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas)  Plus Hostesses for November and December 2014 will receive an extra $30.00 discount plus the regular discount based on Sales.

Now is the time to BOOK Your SEX TOY PARTY SPECIAL this November and December 2014 text me at 604-657-7840 to book at party in Vancouver – (all bookings for this MAGIC RING Special must go via Laska at 604-657-7840 or email:


We Vibe 4 Plus – updated

So last month or two I wrote a Blog Post about the We Vibe 4 Plus.

The unit is good, very cool specially with the APP, but the downside is the APP takes 5 GIG of memory and you must have one of the newest Smartphones on the market.

This Blog post is to report that We Vibe – Standard Innovation has decided to discontinue the regular We-Vibe 4 and only offer two versions of the We Vibe 4 Plus

Version One is the Complete We Vibe 4 Plus containing the unit, a in-case charging unit, recharging cord USB, Remote Control unit, access to We Vibe APP.  This unit is available in Pink, Purple and Slade retail cost $190.00

We Vibe 4 Plus  $190.00 Canada to order text 604-657-7840 or email:

We Vibe 4 Plus $190.00 Canada to order text 604-657-7840 or email:

The other version available is the We Vibe 4 Plus unit only which contains the We Vibe unit, USB power cord, APP and Charing Dock (not a case).  This item is only available in Purple for $160.00 Canadian.


Even thou the We Vibe 4 was one of the most popular items we were selling we can not get the original   just the newest version.  So sorry clients but We Vibe made this decision on their own without even a press release or newsletter to us Resellers.