Obsession 7 function Bullet

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Our new Obsession 7 Function Bullet is amazing. A well designed bullet with a new shaped silver coated egg which is reinforced with a sealant between the cord and the egg. Therefore the Egg is waterproof and harder to pull apart from the controller during those ‘heated moments”. This Obsession uses 2 AA batteries and the controller is really silky and soft to the touch. The Buttons are really easy to use and simple to organize through the 7 functions. You can add any one of our Holsters or Bunny Finger Sleeve – all designed out of a combination of Silicone and TPR. An excellent bullet available in Canada for retail and wholesale clients.

50 Shades of Techniques

I have wanted to write this blog posting for awhile as I am quite amazed at the media attention about the Trilogy of 50 Shades.

50 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed – a fantastic trilogy of the romance and sexual relationship between a recent Grad Student the virgin Anastasia Steele and the hot, sexy, multi-billionaire Christian Grey.  These books are amazing, maybe not the most well-written books in literature but well written for the average women to understand the sex, passion and heat between the two main characters.

I read the first book, the day it became available in April when I was traveling to Vegas, in a Portland airport bookshop.  During my trip in Vegas this book captured my attention with every page.  The relationship between Ana & Christian is so hot & passionate that is made my pussy quiver with each passing page.  I loved the energy, the sex and the relationship between the two.

Then at the end of April 2012 the two books, Darker & Freed came into shelves at my local bookstore and I loved the plot and the continued sexual energy between Christian & Ana.  I loved all three books, but when I read them now for the third & fourth time I view them in an interesting sexual orgasmic training tool that is hard to focus on in the first read through.

The description of the sexual connection between Christian & Ana was written in a form that when analyzed, you can understand and relate the tensity of each orgasm and sexual release.

For example, in Book 2 – Ana’s ankles are bounded with a Spreader Bar so she cannot move her ankles – but firmly holding them a certain distance apart.  This distance, changes the muscle of her vaginal cavity so when Christian was penetrating her, her orgasm shifted into a new heighten sensation – therefore creating an intense orgasm and feeling.  In addition the Spreader Bar relaxes the feet and ankles so the orgasm can be released from the center of the female.

Just this one technique I teach women during our 50 Shades of Techniques Seminars & Workshops – whereas we discuss in details each and every major sexual encounter Christian & Ana experience.

This trilogy might be focused on the bondage and S&M relationship but if you dig deeper into the sexuality and sexual energy you find that it is written to help enhance the female sexual orgasm by giving details on techniques and positions.

Details within the books describe the Hitachi Magic Wand, Nipple Clamps, Bondage Restraint System which helps keeping you spread eagle, Riding Crop, Blind Folds, Butt Plugs and the details go on and on.  Therefore you should consider one of my 50 Shades of Techniques Seminars & Workshops – call me at 604-657-7840 or email me at laska@sexedwithatwist.com for details.

Masturbation is Exercise???

Masturbation for women.  Simple concept – yet every once in awhile either at a Adult Home Sex Toy Party or Sex Seminar or at the Sex Store, I get asked about it.

It is rather a simple concept – to masturbate which means to pleasure oneself.

The comment or question I get asked on a regular basis is how to masturbate.  Many women think that by using a sex toy to masturbate is similar to having sex with a human penis.

No not at all and not all the time.  Many woman masturbate only clitoral therefore keeping her vaginal canal for her partner.  Why not – make perfect sense.  This helps separate masturbation and sex.

If you are having a problem with the term – masturbation as replacement to sex, SEPARATE IT.

Therefore only masturbate clitoral only, therefore use the vibrator or sleeve or dildo only on the clitoral area.  The orgasm is very intense and helps the pelvic muscle to get some exercise, without any item or penis within the vaginal canal.

By using a vibrator on the clitoris only, helps strength the vaginal canal and keep the orgasm focused on an outer level.  Also it helps during that time of the month, to relieve “period” cramps.

So masturbate, it’s healthy and it can be used as a form of exercise.

All the craze for Rechargeable Vibrators

So there is this amazing craze for all these high-end, expensive Rechargeable Vibrators on the market.

Don’t get me wrong they are amazing vibrators but it is necessary for us in this stressed economy to purchase such expensive sex toys?

If you want to purchase a Rechargeable Vibrator this is my opinion on the matter.

Positive aspects first.

First rechargeable vibrators are quiet, really, really quiet so if that is a major purchasing factor then consider Rechargeable Vibrators.

Second, they are completely waterproof if the charging unit is hidden from the outside elements.

Third they have a warranty and the material they use to manufacture rechargeable vibrators are one of the highest on the market.

Negative aspects, they are expensive.  Really expensive for some.

Second, the warranty doesn’t include basic use and dropping it on the floor or if the family pet gets it and rips it to nothing.

Third, you can wash the new rechargeable vibrators with lots of soap, water, etc but still you should always think about getting a new product every year as this product is touching one of the most delicate parts of your body so get a new one every year for hygiene purposes.

So that is my take on rechargeable vibrators.

And my favourite are the We-Vibe Remote 111, Salsa or Tango from We-Vibe, the Jimmy Jane products are amazing and Fun Factory Rechargeable are always a favourite