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Adding Foraged and SuperFood Powders to your Daily Diet

Diet is such an important part of one’s daily life and with the price of food increasing so rapidly, I decided to start adding Foraged and Local Foods to my diet.

My mother lives up North – the top of Vancouver Island where the soil is clean, the ocean winds are from Alaska therefore the quality of vegetables and plants are very high in nutrition.

The best form of getting these high-quality vegetables and foraged food to me in Vancouver is via powders or dried. I add a teaspoon to my cooking, baking, sauces, soups etc to keep my levels of nutrition high for optimal health.

Our fruits and vegetables sold in city grocery stores are very low in nutrition as farmers and our government have full control over our food supply and the amounts of chemicals they have added to ensure our food is about profit not quality means low level of nutrients. For example one peach from 1950’s nutritional value is equal to 20 peaches from 2022 harvest. Who the hell is eating 20 peaches???

Powders and dried superfoods are an excellent source to keep your body healthy and balanced. For those who know me I have lost 50 pounds over Covid from daily exercise and adding these superfood powders to my diet. And all you have to do is add 1 teaspoon maximum of our mixed greens and / or mixed mushrooms to your cooking once a day. Simple!!!

During my adventure with changing my diet, I realized there are so many other combinations of foraged food for tinctures, teas, smoothies, compresses or just add for extra flavour and of course for better health.

Therefore I have added a new section to my ecommerce website https://www.toyzforsex.com/foraged-from-bc-canada.html

On this website I offer reasonably prices bags which contain approximately 7 grams of powdered or dried foods and I also some combinations for Female Health, Prostate Health and Oral Health.

These packages are in food grade quality bags and once you receive them please place all the dried or powdered food into glass jars which will keep for a 6 month shelf life.

Something so simple and will keep your health in order. Plus when using these powders or dried products will not change the taste of your food instead it will enhance the experience.

I love these new foods, my health loves these superfoods so why not try them as healthly eating helps with one sexuality!!!!

1 comment on “Adding Foraged and SuperFood Powders to your Daily Diet

  1. I’m so glad to have them, I love that it is from you and yo momma. I would love it if you would share recommendations for using, eating, cooking adding. What is the best way to get the maximum potency, cooked or sprinkled like seasoning. Thank You. For all you do.

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