Lubricants – which ones are better???

Lubricants – so what should I look for when purchasing a Lubricant as there are so many lubricants on the market. From my experience in selling and using Lubricants – they are all basic with a bit of variation.

Your choice is Water-based, Silicone or Hybrid which is a combination of Water and Silicone. And then with the Water based you can have Organic. But serious so many choices and ingredients, the list can go on and on and on.

But the majority of clients I deal with and what I prefer is a Lubricant which a pump because at that moment the pour bottles suck as you can pour to much or squeeze too much and it gets all over the place, bedsheets, hands etc, etc.

Therefore a pump in a Lubricant bottle is easier to handle during sex, plain and simple.

So when purchasing a Lubricant look for Pump Bottles!!! Just my opinion.

Fifty Shades Of Fucking/Lets Talk About Sex Baby

Fifty Shades Of Fucking/Lets Talk About Sex Baby.

This post is really good – it actually made me laugh especially since the point of view was simple, honest and raw!!

I think the curious factor on fetish and role playing is one area that has taken a new high with different scenario that would make anyone blush.

And the comment on Sex Toys – I am one of those Sex Toy Educators via Sex Toy Parties and the comments about what a woman wants from choking on a cock rammed down her throat which might taste and numb the feeling like drinking a Pina Colada to how many inches can I fit between both my vagina and my anus. I am shocked but very open minded to these comments and questions but we as a society have expanded our sexual minds into a new frontier!!!

Super Hero Dildos – you got be kidding

Wow look at these Super Hero Dildos that Doc Johnson has designed.

Seriously who wants a batwinged dildo inside their vagina?

Or what about a thick girth slimy looking green dildo that resembles the Hulk?

And then there is Spidy with the webs on the shaft – who exactly wants cob webs near their vagina?

And last is the golden Iron Cock with a head that resembles a Telly Tumbee character from the 80’s.

These items are strange but the silicone feels amazing and price is okay but I want to know who uses and buys these products?





Bullet Holster more than just a Vibrating Cock Ring!!

Our popular Bullet Holster is one of most popular Vibrating Cock Rings on the market. We import these rings in Clear and Black and have ensured that they are extremely durable but still very stretchy. These rings are designed out of combination of silicone and TPR therefore perfect for someone with allergies and sensitive skin.

However the Holster was once designed to hold the 2 1/4 inch and larger bullet from the basic One Touch Bullet to the We-Vibe Salsa and We-Vibe Tango or just the regular Basic Silver Egg. Our Holster can stretch to comfortable fit any size bullet. Yes it was originally designed only to be Vibrating Cock Ring but our Holster can do so much more!!

For those who don’t understand what a vibrating cock ring is suppose to do is to simple – a stretchy ring to be place on the base of the penis shaft and hold a vibrating bullet in place so when the women is on top the bullet can rub against her clitoris to add the much needed stimulation when the women is ‘Riding on Top’!!!

This combo has been perfect to add heightened experience for the women however the man has also enjoy our Holster as the holster holds the bullet vertical therefore adding a vibrating sensation to his pelvic bone which when vibrating adds a tiny bit of vibration to the prostate via the pelvic bone since the prostate is so close to this bone which supports the bladder and bowel.

But the enjoyment of the Holster is not just limited to the use as a Vibrating Cock Ring – our Holsters can be turned into a fantastic finger sleeve for personal use or to be used during a Blow Job or Hand Job as the vibrating unit is perfect for vibrating against the balls or shaft of the penis.

The process is simple as you can see from the picture below. Fold the ring back in between your two fingers to hold the ring in place so you can focus the energy into the vibrating unit so use against any part you wish.


As you can see from the picture above the main focus and purpose is to keep the Holster with the vibrating bullet or egg in place therefore you can more you hand freely yet firmly against any part of your body or your partners body that you wish.

Now the bonus of purchasing the Holster via my website is that I sell all our pieces separate so you can add pieces together on whatever combination you wish, making so many more possibilities and endless combinations.