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Simple Vibrators – Mind over Body!!!

I get asked everyday what type of Vibrator should I purchase – how much should I spend – what is the most popular vibrator.

All these are fantastic questions – but when looking for a Vibrator you need to consider the material the vibrator is designed from. Honestly many of the Adult Novelty manufacturers use high level of silicone and TPR materials which is safe for the body to use. Also many of the manufactures are now producing rechargeable vibrators with universal charging cord to keep the price of rechargeable vibrators low in cost. If you are looking for a battery-operated vibrator the cost is as expensive as a rechargeable unit but the bonus of rechargeable vibrators over battery powered vibrators is the noise as loose batteries create a louder buzzing sound.

My definition of a simple vibrator is a unit that has one main use for example one point of vibration not two or three things vibrating at the same time. A simple vibrator is powerful, quiet, vibrating with six or less different functions or power levels. I personally love simple vibrators with one setting or function. Simple but always must be quiet. Nothing breaks your moment than loud vibrators.

The hottest trend in vibrators are the Clitoral Sucking units – these units are fantastic for the women who want their clitoris vibrating and sucking with air flow all in one. You are also purchase units that only suck like a Clit Sucking toy only or a unit that has 20 plus functions speeds etc or ones that are promoting Famous icons but if you are on a budget – simple is best.

Simple is best as with less bells and whistles in your vibrators which lower the price. These two products are simple and does the job if you also incorporate fantasies.

These two products from NS Novelties under their Brand Revel are amazing with packing some serious vibrations and still reasonable priced. Both of these units are quiet and simple in design and function.

Kismet is a fun vibrator to use externally anywhere on the body – quiet powerful and simple. I personally like to use as a massager over the body in the first setting. You can use as a vibrator against the clitoris or over the male sexual organs to stimulate blood flow or press up against the balls and prostate to add a light vibration while touching his cock and giving little kisses to his body. Kissing one’s body area when using a vibrator at the same time can help the mind to relax and allow the sexual energy to be circulated throughout the body. Therefore be creative when using the Kismet.

The Starlet is one of my favourite clit sucking toys as it is simple with 3 functions and 2 speeds and the design is simple to use. Place the airflow sucking hole over your clitoris and breath deep long breaths. Learn to control your breathing and let the combination of the vibration and sucking take over and now relax the mind.

To relax the mind is why I offer Cannabis Edibles or Micro-doses of Magic Mushrooms or LSD as these combinations can help one to relax the mind and body so sexual energy can be present. We are so busy with all the drama within our society to allow the mind to relax – edibles and microdosing can help some people to relax and stop the mind clatter. But how do you know if these products work for you unless you educate yourself if they might work for you – everyone reaction and experience is different. However I offer many of these products in low dosage for you to experiment with and adding them to your sex life – can help create such positivity within.

Back to the Starlet – I love this item as it works best for me and my life right now – and that what sex toys are all about using something that works best for your body for whatever you need at that time in your life. I have lots of different options and products for all different moods and experiences – check out my site www.toyzforsex.com – Free shipping over $50 anywhere in Canada and prefer payment Etransfer please. This just my opinion!!!

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