Second Part of Canary Islands – Tenerife – Swinger Clubs and Nude Beaches

This is the second part of my Blog post about the Canary Islands Spain which I was lucky to visit last week with my boyfriend.

So we would head to the south part of the island of Tenerife to hike into the Hippy Beach which is off a small fishing village near Las Americos – the tourist beach area.  We would stop in a local Supermarket and purchase the most delicious goat cheese, salami and fresh breads with a local red wine for a total of $15.00 which we can easily spend over $40.00 here for the same quality.  I loved the oranges on the island they were sweet and ripe, perfect for a day at the beach.

Next we hiked up and down the lava rock hillsides past the Hippy camp where hippies lives in tents and into the caves within the rocks, they were always so friendly when we past them.  Then down the steep cliff to a small beach which is the Nude Beach with a little sand and crashing waves and rocks surrounding this little beach.  Everyday there were different couples visiting the beach – sun tanning naked and enjoying the sound of the crashing waves.



Nude Beach at the Hippy Beach

Then at night we would hike out of our Nude Beach after Sunset and walk down to Las Americos to Mystique the Swinger Club – very cute lounge bar with a Hot Tub, Showers, and lots of beds and a sex sling for play time.  We loved Mystique as the people were friendly and nice we wish it was busier but in December right before Christmas season it is slow time of year.  Mystique is really nice for couples to mingle and enjoy fantastic Mojitos naked throughout the club or in the hot tub.  Of course the Sex Sling was fun as well.  The price is 20-25 Euro per couple which included 2 free drinks and single men are over 50 Euros each – which on one night there were too many single men there which ruined the couple vibe of the place.

We loved it as we could shower and hang out in the hot tub and walk around naked in a clean and fun club environment.  I highly recommend Club Mystique if in Tenerife Canary Islands, Spain.

Club Mystique in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain is a fantastic place to visit.

Club Mystique in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain is a fantastic place to visit.

Visited the Canary Islands – loved it – here’s some Sexual News about Tenerife

So my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with a trip to visit his parents in the Canary Islands, Spain, – the island of Tenerife.  There are many islands within the Canary Islands and Tenerife is only one of them.

Tenerife is beautiful and gorgeous with an island that takes a couple of hours to drive around but every 10 miles is a different climate zone from in the hills green lush tropical trees to desert and lava rocks in the south and beaches.

But this Blog post is not about the trip itself as this Blog post is about the Sexual part of Tenerife and what it has to offer for Swingers, Couples, Sexual information etc.

First I found Tenerife both south and north to be a romantic couples place – older couples, Europeans and very friendly and welcoming.  The city of Santa Cruz is an old Spanish style town with the working environment and busy streets but nestled in small cafes are older couples having their morning coffee and chatting about the day.  I found in the tourist section of Santa Cruz a cute sex store called Dolce Love which had a couple of well dressed women offering sex stores from the WeVibe to Lelo products and Oh My Lubricants – prices are expensive compared to North America but it is a cute store to visit it

The city of Santa Cruz in December did not have an exciting night life but we did visit one of the Sex Clubs which contained a host of plus size Women looking for paid fun but I honestly did not know if they were women or men.  It was questionable.

So we headed south to Las Americos and the beaches and we feel inlove with the Nude Beach by the Hippy Beach off the trek via a small fishing village.  Stay tuned for part two of this Blog post coming soon.

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