Oro Stimulator can be used for Nipple Pump or Clit Pump – multi uses!!!!

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” title=”Oro Stimulator can be used as a Clit or Nipple Pump”>

This item was originally designed for a Man to pump the head of his penis. And it does a fantastic job as the TPR / Silicone Sleeve is very durable and stretchy. However, this item also works as an amazing Nipple Pump or Clit Pump as it is flexible to fit any body shape. This item is so much fun for either a male or female to use – the possibilities are endless – just use your imagination.

Bachelorette / Stagette Party Stuff – Decorating for the Party

So you have decided to plan the Bachelorette / Stagette Party and you have the date booked, the event planned and the girls are excited so now you have to decorate.

Some fantastic decorating ideas are:

Penis Balloons are a must from penis shaped balloons or penis decorative balloons – and they come in all shaped and sizes.

Penis Straws are very important and there are so many to choose from – from colourful ones to Glow in the Dark, the regular flesh colour to bendie straws and extra long one.

Caution tape is so much fun for decorating, especially the tape that says ” Caution Bachelorette Party gone wild”.

Penis Candles from little one to large units to floating candles, any penis size candles are perfect.

Penis and Sexy Confetti placed around the tables and counters add a little fun to the decorations.

My favourite are Penis Ice Cube Trays – these make the cutest penis shaped ice cubes and they add something special to every girls drink.

Also I love the Penis Whistles – there is nothing more fun than blowing noise from a mini penis also I love Penis shaped noise makers. The more alcohol at the party the more the noise makers comes alive.

There are lots of Penis shaped trays, plates, cupcake tins, cake tins, napkins, cups and utensils, these are fun and there are so many penis decorations out there that you can be overwhelmed.

I have a ton of ideas via my Pinterest Account.