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Super Foods in Powders Special – Why not food price are crazy high and quality is shit!!

I am putting together a Super Food Special which is three 7 gram packages of Super Foods in Powder Form which you can just add to your cooking to help increase the level of nutrition to your diet and lifestyle.

When I was in Toronto last week I prepared so much food for my son and my daughter-in-law and I was in shock with the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables – which meant the level of nutrition was low. The fruits and vegetables looked amazing and perfect but the level of nutrition is low low low.

I know that as when you grow GMO seeds, the plants look amazing but what are we really eating???? Nothing – especially the lettuce and greens which are our super foods!!! We need these greens to keep our health up. If you have dark bags under your eyes with pale skin that is the sign that you are not getting the nutrition your body requires to fight colds, flu and be productive in your life.

Also the prices of food are shocking these days so I have a solution which is adding these Super Foods in Powdered form to your daily cooking.

My Super Foods come from my Mother’s Garden which is location up North of Vancouver Island which is one of the optimal growing areas. The winds and currents are directly from the Pacific Ocean over Alaska therefore the rain is as natural as you can get. Also my mothers garden has no chemicals and she uses heirloom seeds not GMO seeds – therefore these Powders contain the nutrients your body needs to function.

So between crazy expensive prices for food, food tasting like cardboard and people are constantly sick – our food is our problem – its time to start eating healthy.

This combo is 3 x 7 grams or 7 portions of Spinach, Kale and Lettuce – 21 portions and I’m adding an extra package of either Powdered Onion, Chives or Green Onion.

To use is so easy just cook whatever you have been cooking for dinner then before you serve add one teapsoon of the Super Foods and a dash of the Onion powder – this will help increase your level of nutrition – that simple!!!

To order click here to my website https://www.toyzforsex.com/catalog/item/9134224/10491478.htm

If you spend over $50.00 of anything on my website free shipping anywhere in Canada otherwise $10.00 for shipping – payment is only via etransfer since using credit cards are too expensive sorry. This offer is only for Canadian shipping addresses.

Isn’t your health your number one priority and it starts with high nutritional foods!!!

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