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Copperhead Snake Venom for Healing Female Issues – My Journey

I just got back from one of my favourite Nude Beaches in Mexico – Zipilote. Amazing simple place on the Pacific Coast near Huatulco – 1 hour ride from Huatulco International Airport.

During my peaceful visit to Zipilote I met this wonderful medicine man which I will be calling him, Ian the Snake Guy. He studied in the jungles of Peru for years snake venom and he personally had 18 different types of venoms all for various treatments.

To understand what Snake Venom can do for natural healing you need to do your research – and this is a mind opening experience. The healthier you are with body and soul the more your experience will be a healing journey. And what a fantastic journey.

Since January 2021, I have changed my focus to healthier eating and exercise as I was tired of feeling sick all the time. I have lost 50 lbs and I feel amazing but there are days when my body just doesn’t work for me. And what doesn’t work is my uterus. I have a serious mass on my left uterus and it grows based on my health. In fact I drink alcohol as it effects my body in a negative way, I get very sick. In Zipilote, I was focusing on my health by exercising daily, running on that gorgeous beach, cooking natural foods and living the simple life drama free.

The universe showed me the way to Ian the Snake Guy as I have done research on the Copperhead Venom to help treat cancers and in particular breast cancers and female cancers. Snake venom has a unique complex structure to help block cells to multiple.

A simple lesson on Copperhead Snake Venom and Cancer from http://www.critterfacts.com

One of the common animal cell integrins that scientists are focusing on in cancer studies is called αvβ3 (alpha-v-beta-three).  αvβ3 binds to a protein called “vitronectin”.  Vitronectin causes cells to adhere together, and it is important in angiogenesis, which is the formation of blood vessels.

Cancer relies on both of these functions to spread – it needs to create more cancerous cells that are stuck together (cell adhesion), and it needs blood vessels to feed them.  Platelets are needed to stabilize vessels while they spread and grow in new tumors.  The spread of cancer is called metastasis.  Metastasis is the cause of the majority of cancer patient deaths.  Therefore αvβ3 is integral to the spread of, and death caused by cancer.

Southern Copperhead venom contains a protein called contortrostatin, which is a type of disintegrin.  Remember from the first section that a disintegrin stops integrins from working.  In a study done by the biochemistry and molecular biology lab of Francis S. Markland at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, mice were injected with human breast cancer and then treated with contortrostatin.  After multiple studies were done in this way, Markland found that contortrostatin reduced tumor growth by 74%, and inhibited metastasis by up to 68%. 

Contortrostatin was found to inhibit the function of αvβ3 so that it could no longer bind to vitronectin.  Since vitronectin can no longer bind to αvβ3, the cancer cells can no longer adhere to one another, the platelets cannot stabilize the formation of the blood vessels, and the blood vessels can no longer form.  All of these results mean that cancer can no longer grow or spread.

Copperhead Snake Venom treatment is what I wanted to experience. The process is quite simple and Ian knows his stuff – his knowledge and desire to help people. So I tried it 3 days in a row – every morning Ian burnt a wooden stick into my arm – 6 points then he added a drop of the venom to the 6 burns. The venom sat on my burns like a small bubble. You just sit and wait.

Approximately 5 mins you feel this sensation of peace within you. Yes, you become high – not colourful high like from LSD or Magic Mushrooms but a peaceful high like smoking a really good joint, drinking the cava mud tea from Fiji or smoking a nice mellow opium. The high is all about peace within your soul. When Ian knows the venom has entered the body he tells you the taste the rest and you lick your arm. After Ian adds an alcohol solution to keep the area clean and you rub it in until the dark colour goes white. Payment is reasonable around $100.00 for 3 days of treatment per snake venom. See the pictures below of Day 1.

Day 2 and Day 3 are very similar but Ian the Snake Guy makes a fun design and each treatment is 6 burns. So at the end your arm looks like a funky design.

I loved the treatment I felt better after Day 1 – that evening I had less Hot Flashes. I usually have a dozen to 20 a night which is hard to get a good night sleep. I only had 3 hot flashes and an amazing sleep. Day 2 and Day 3 the high after the treatments were fantastic – so opened minded – uplifting – love love love it.

But what I noticed is that I am not hurting like before. I have feeling in my left breast which I haven’t had any feeling for years. My uterus on my left side feels great and my range of motion in on my left side has increased as I was struggling when working out. Once all the pain was manageable, my attitude changed as without that amount of pain daily I am so focused, happy and determined to do the goals and plans I have always wanted to do.

This Copperhead venom has made me full whole again – I love it and in 5 weeks I will be having an ultrasound as I want to see the mass on my left uterus and see if it has become smaller. I may never get rid of this problem but if I can manage it so I can feel this good on a daily bases then I am a huge support of snake venom for my female issues.

This treatment is not for everyone – it is right for me and my body. I strongly believe you should heal and handle your body in whatever way works best for you. All of us are just trying to find our inner peace and stop the pain within. I hope you have enjoyed my Copperhead Snake Venom journey.

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