WeVibe 3 versus WeVibe 4 my opinion


We Vibe introduced the WeVibe 4 late last year 2013  and it has taken me a while to write this post about my opinion on the WeVibe 3 and WeVibe 4.

Personally I like both but for different reasons and for different women.

WeVibe 3 is cheaper than the 4 but the silicone outer coat is not smooth and soft like the 4.  The 3 is larger in size than the 4 which is fantastic for some women but not all women.  As women have different shapes, sizes and ways they enjoy being stimulated so different sizing is important.  Not everyone likes the same size.

The 3 also have a Remote Control unit which is completely rechargeable via the enclosed case the WeVibe unit charges in.  Whereas the 4 Remote Control unit is not rechargeable there is a small flat battery in the remote control part which to this day I have not opened to check out or replaced yet.

The Remote Control Units on the 3 is simple with just one button to switch between the 7 functions and speeds.  There is no On/Off Button on the 3 remote.  Whereas the 4 Remote Control unit has four buttons, High/Low and On/Off.  So many different combinations you can work with.

Both units has encased Recharging Stations and both use an USB post cable for charging.  The only difference is the material on units, the remote control unit and the size.  So you have to make the decision which unit will work for your body type.

WeVibe 4 Video!!! Now available

The New WeVibe 4 was released today – and I found a fantastic instructional video from LoveHoney UK on this item.  It is a great video to watch.

Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVFEpETTSD0&list=UUNCSc6rLvgM1sh180q3tz_g

I am currently charging a sample model here at work so I haven’t had a chance to check out this new version – but I can’t wait – the initial charge takes 6 hours!!  So two more hours to go!!!

If you are interested in ordering this product – email me at laska@sexedwithatwist.com for SPECIAL Pricing and Deals!!!


Edmonton Taboo Sex Show November 2013

Just got back from Edmonton Taboo Sex Show which was so much fun!!! Even thou it was cold with snow it was fun being part of Edmonton social life!!!

Here are some pictures of our favourite Adult Porn Star Ron Jeremy and the girls I work at in our booth for E-Sensuals Canada in Maple Ridge, BC.

Fun times!!!!!







Amazing TShirts from Pole Junkies – Taboo Sex Show November 2013

Pole junkies from the Taboo Sex Shows in Alberta I love these TShirts – you have to love these slogans!!!

This is just one of the booths at the Alberta Taboo Sex Shows – last weekend was the #calgarytaboo and this upcoming weekend, November 14-17, 2013 is the #edmontontaboo – The Edmonton Taboo Sex Show – come by for a visit!!!







Calgary Taboo Sex Show November 2013

I was working the Calgary Taboo Sex Show last weekend and it was fun.

Look at all the great pictures and this upcoming weekend is the Edmonton Taboo Sex Show which is going to be a blast with Ron Jeremy as our Host.  Look at our great pictures!!!!










November in Vancouver

So it’s November in Vancouver, BC and it starts getting cold.

However I was at Wreck Beach suntanning naked. Seriously there are people who suntan all year round here in Canada.

You just need to be prepared, reflectors help and a bit of shelter from the wind and of course the sun needs to be out.

But seriously I was suntanning yesterday in the gorgeous sun. But that is probably the end of it for awhile since it is going to be cold with rain.

Rain is what is our usual thing here in Vancouver, BC but it keeps things fresh and clean so I can’t complain. Enjoy November!!!