Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

These Sex Videos are classic from a Guy’s Point of View – very informative and entertaining.

The Sex Complex

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I don’t think my mom ever told me about the birds and the bees. She never sat me down and told me how the P goes in the V, or how a baby is made, and I was never told “Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die.” I had older sisters, over heard girls locker room chat, and went to over night camp. I paid attention. Being a late bloomer, sex wasn’t really on my mind a lot in high school. I was just hoping someone would kiss me and ask me to prom.


I owe the majority of my womanly knowledge to the great state of Massachusetts’ public school system, The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls, and the bible: Cosmopolitan. When I was 14, my bunk decorated our cabin bathroom stalls with magazine cut outs. An Abercrombie model there…

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We offer Divorce Parties / Girls Night In – Sex Toy Parties and Seminars


Host a Single Gal Sex Toy Party and Seminar for your Divorce Party

Host a Single Gal Sex Toy Party and Seminar

Laskamaria and Sex Ed with a Twist offer the popular Divorce Party / Girls Night In Party.

Why not have fun with your Divorce and have a Girls Night In with your girlfriends.

This type of party will be focused on you and celebrating begin a woman and the single girl sexuality.

There will be NO Couple discussion at this party.

We will celebrate the Single gal and learn some new techniques to help improve your own sexuality.

We will review all the sex toys and ideas so you can re-develop your sexuality and focus on you!!!

There will be no EX talk during this fun Single Gal Party!!!

This is your Divorce Party so we can organize and plan the party around the colours, theme and discussion and seminar you want.  Remember we are flexible and can offer you the party discussion and theme focusing around you and you only.

Text me at 604-657-7840 or email: laskamaria@yahoo.ca to discuss your Event!!

This is a fun Board from our Pinterest Account about Divorce Party themes, cakes, games and ideas for you to develop your own custom Divorce Party!!!

Let us help you celebrate your Single Sexual Freedom!!  Contact: laskamaria@yahoo.ca or text me at 604-657-7840

Let us help you celebrate your Single Sexual Freedom!! Contact: laskamaria@yahoo.ca or text me at 604-657-7840

Thick Vibrators versus Thin Vibrators

Usually uses AAA batteries or AA stacked or Cell Batteries - thin but still powerful

Usually uses AAA batteries or AA stacked or Cell Batteries – thin but still powerful

Thick Vibrators versus Thin Vibrators for internal vaginal vibration – why would you prefer one over then other?

Well Thick Vibrators are vibrators with girth – some are quite thick in girth and designed out our latex, jelly or silicone.

The reason why you would prefer a thick vibrator is because you want the vibration to vibrator the whole vagina canal.  Some women like the vibration from a thick vibrator.  Remember that the vibration can be called ‘exercising the vaginal canal’.

There is a purpose to the thickness which is for all sides around the vaginal canal to be vibrated at the same time.

Some women find that when using a thick girth vibrator that the squeeze their vaginal muscles from the anus instead of from the G-spot and the vaginal wall underneath the pelvic wall which many women find as the more orgasmic area within the vaginal wall.

The other women find that the thick girth of a vibrator vibrates more towards the anus then the front part of the vaginal wall.  You would know this if when using a thicker vibrator vaginal that you are squeezing from your anus as you are vibrating and exercising the vagina wall around your anus.  Some women do not want so much vibration towards the anus.

If you want to exercise or vibrate the front wall of your vagina canal then use a thinner vibrator internally.

The thinner or more flexible the vibrator is then you can “reach” the G-Spot and the front of the Vagina Wall or us towards the cervix.

Everyone is different on exactly what they want to vibrate and some women like to change it up but you don’t know until you try a thin and a thick vibrator so try both – why not it is fun to explore.

Thick vibrators use C batteries, or 2 AA batteries sitting side by side - they are thick in girth

Thick vibrators use C batteries, or 2 AA batteries sitting side by side – they are thick in girth

To learn more about what type of Vibrator works best for you – contact me for a Sex Toy Party or Sex Ed Seminar – text 604-657-7840 or email: laskamaria@yahoo.ca

Offering events in Vancouver, BC and expanding across Canada soon!!!!


Divorce Party Anyone?

At Sex Ed with a Twist we have been part of Divorce Parties for years where women get together and what to view the SEX TOYS but keeping in mind that the Sex Ed Seminar is focused on the Single Girl. We also give advise on different dating sites and areas to visit in our local areas to meet a New Guy!! We love the Divorce Party games from burning old picture ritual, throw darts at his picture to the amazing huge cakes focusing on the Exiting Male Partner!!

Divorce Parties are all the rage and they are fun!!! So if you are ending a relationship – Party Hard!!!

The Perfect Grocery List for a Girls’ Night In

You have to love a Girls Night In – and this Blog Post is such a fun read for your Grocery List of items for your Girls Night In !!!!


Life is hard.  Like, really hard.  When you’ve had a bad day, all you want is a good night with your best girls.  Get your ass up and off to the store, because we’re giving you the FMGM girl’s grocery list for a perfect ladies’ night in.

1)   Anything with cheese.

mac and cheese

Whether it’s pizza bites from the freezer section, or Kraft singles, or white cheddar cheese popcorn, cheese is essential.  There’s something about it and all of its goodness that makes us swoon.  It’s good with everything and it’s just so damn comforting.  When I’m having a bad day, the first thing that I crave is a big freaking bowl of mac and cheese… Well, more like easy mac because I’m lazy, but you know what I mean.

2)   Popcorn.


Popcorn is the perfect snack for when you just want to munch on something.  Or for when you want to…

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From a Mother of a Graduating Grade 12 Student in BC, Canada

I don’t usually write too much about being a mom and about my teenage son but I thought today I would write a Blog Post about being a Mother of a Grade 12 student in BC, Canada during this fun and exciting final year of High School.

I love my son but Grade 12 is one of the most difficult times I have had in a long time raising my son alone and in an extremely expensive city.  Teenage boys are interesting creatures to their mother as you can never quite understand their grunts and lack of communication.  I miss the talks and cuddles like when a boy is a child and to hear the words – Mom love you – is very rare and only when money is needed, so it can be a lonely time for a mother.

However living in Canada for Grade 12 is one of the worst years financially.

First you will be shocked at all the price of Graduating from FREE Public High School.  Your September School fees start at $270.00 for grad fees.  I am amazed that high schools still do yearbooks since that is old news as social media is where they should be concentrating their year books at, the year book fee is $35.00 every year.  Then a month into school, Grad Photos which have a deposit of $60.00 with starting Photo Packages of $150.00 plus, plus and this is in October!!!  Are you kidding me.

I love all the extra fees, $20.00 here and there every week for some special event, Winter Formal, Sport trips, Magazines for Economics class, a requirement.  On average during Grade 12 I spend $100.00 extra per month on school activities and fees at a free public school.

Then it starts coming down to Grad and Prom with tickets for Prom starting at $125.00 plus After Prom of $35-$40.  And don’t forget the Suit, Shoes, Dress shirts, Flowers, Limo etc etc etc.  Oh my GOD!!!

But here in BC, Canada the last few weeks of Grade 12 – our teachers decided to go on strike – first rotating once a week so the students then get to change their schedules and timetables based on the strike rotation.  But it gets better as the last few weeks of school my son gets to attend school and listen to teacher after teacher complain about the terms of their strike action.

What fun these teenagers and students must feel while being in the middle of this negative experience – remember it is their last few weeks of High School and do you really think a Graduating Grade 12 student cares about a Teacher Strike.

So now today I have been told that the Teachers are going on a FULL Strike and Friday, June 13 is the last day of school and the students only have to write Provincial Exams.

Tomorrow is my last day after 12 years of making sandwiches, lunches and ensuring my son attended school and finished homework.

Tomorrow it is all over for me and my Public School experience as a Mother.

But wait there is still the Graduation Ceremony in 2 weeks which is downtown Vancouver so it should not be crossing any picket lines – thank God.

So I get to sit in a hot theatre for 3 hours waiting for the 10 seconds my son’s name is called to receive his Graduation Certificate!!!

And I can’t attend the Graduation Dinner for family and students after the Ceremony since those tickets cost $100.00 for a buffet meal in some fancy Vancouver hotel.

So you want to know how a Mother of a Graduating Grade 12 Student feels here in BC during the 2014 Teacher Strike.

I feel drained as it has been a long year, I feel like the roller coaster ride is almost finished.  Thank God!!!!



Book a SEX TOY Party and learn about the SILVER BULLET

The last few Sex Toy Parties and Sex Ed Classes I have presented at – so many women NEED to LEARN –  how important the Basic Silver Bullet can be to improve your Sex Life and your Sexuality.  Some of us need more Orgasms!!!!

This little vibrating Silver Bullet is a MUST for all women!!! 

A must for every Woman

A must for every Woman

This Basic Silver Bullet has a strong vibration and when you place this bullet against your Clitoris – the experience is amazing.

Your Orgasm will thank you.

At my SEX TOY Parties I will teach you how to use this Basic Silver Bullet by yourself, with your partner and how it will become your new best friend.

Now booking SEX TOY PARTIES and SEX ED SEMINARS for Girl’s Night In, Ladies Night, Bachelorette Parties, Hen’s Night, Divorce Parties or just because!!!!

Contact me at laskamaria@yahoo.ca or text me at 604-657-7840