About Laskamaria

Laskamaria is about going back to basics, about giving the curious person something he or she can relate to by mixing sexuality, communication and education …in other words. by learning and having fun.

Laskamaria mixes sexuality and preferences with education. Most ‘informational’ sites offer sexual education via a doctor or a therapist and then most sexuality sites are pornographic / erotic images.

This site is simple …information on basic sexuality based on my opinion and what I have gathered over the last eighteen years.

  • Sex Ed with A Twistwww.sexedwithatwist.com offering Home Parties and Products mixing Sex Toys with Cannabis Education
  • Yes I personally do the SEX TOY & SEMINAR Home Parties in Vancouver, BC, Canada which are educational based – fun yet tasteful. And we have added Cannabis Education to our Seminar. No minimums or deposits required for Hosting a Sex Toy Party!!!
  • Retail via my online e-commerce site www.toyzforsex.com all prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS. FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN CANADA
  • Web site builder for other individuals who want to built an e-commerce website for an existing or new business, visit www.hotcircle.com This is a great way for a Home Party company or Retail Outlet start selling online.Independent Wholesale Representative for EP Products Canada http://www.epproductscanada.com

My basic rules for business is to be open and honest, I only deal with straight “shooters”.

Laska’s Story

Laskamaria is my real name, and it means “love” in the old Slovak language, but everyone calls me Laska.

I am from the West Coast of Canada; beautiful place with the mountains and the ocean and one of the best nude beaches in the world, Wreck Beach. I am single mom who raised a son without any financial help from others.  I worked hard in the adult industry selling adult sex toys via websites, home parties, trade shows, retail outlets and wholesale.

So why this business? My friends and female family members asked me over 18 years ago what I did for sexual entertainment, and I showed them my adult toys, the rabbit in particular …then came all the questions!

Before I had my son, I spent a lot of time traveling around the world, understanding and educating myself in other cultures. I spent over 3 years in Africa, and the education I gained from different tribes and cultures in sexuality and sexual transmitted diseases put my beliefs about sexuality into an very expanded perspective.

Another major change in my sexuality came from giving birth to a child and becoming a mother. My body changed and to this day I have issues with weight, bladder control and my monthly menstrual cycle.

I enjoy using adult products because I am sexually excited but do not want to rush into a relationship just because I want to have sex. Adult products and adult entertainment is my way to release stress, relax, direct sexual energy and develop a healthy fantasy base.

Therefore I started researching sexuality and products. I started selling high quality adult products to women in their own homes. These women were too embarrassed or uncomfortable about entering an adult retail store to satisfy either their curiosity or needs.

The Adult Home Parties were a natural development where women and couples can come together to view and discuss adult products in the comfort of their own homes. Over the past years discussing sexuality with individuals I have gained a lot of insight to what people really want out of sex and relationships. There is a lack of basic information from one person to another about sex.

So now I help women and men on a one-to-one basis to deal with their sexuality. Sexuality has very little to do with sex, I define sexuality as the positive feeling a person feels inside herself.  I strongly believe in educating people about what works best for them.  I help them to develop their own opinions about their individual sexuality, but what works for me might not work for you, but at least we are talking about it.

Now with Cannabis becoming legal in Canada – there is alot to learn about Cannabis for sexual health which has been added to our Home Parties and websites.

In addition, I do not believe that my articles, opinions or anything on my websites should be copyrighted, so if you are interested in any of my articles, pictures, whatever, please use them, as the purpose of all my websites, businesses etc is about communicating about sex, education, so if you need the information take it and use it.  I have no problems with copyrights or copying.

2 thoughts on “About Laskamaria

  1. I met you at the Fort Langley market in June and I was wondering more about your pain cream. What is in it and how much is it? I would like to have my aunt sample it for her shoulder pain .

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