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G -Spot Sex Toys different types for different bodies

Spring is almost here as I write this Blog post with Snow falling in Vancouver, BC. But Spring will be here soon and I am booking lots of Girls Nights, Home Parties, Bachelorette Parties and ‘I need a party for new Sex Toys”.

Today’s Blog post is all about G-Spot Sex Toys as I have five different type of toys that I offer in my 2023 Home Party selection and each adult novelty has a different purpose focusing on different shapes and angles of a women’s Gspot.

These five G-Spot Sex Toys are what I added to my selection and all five units are rechargeable and offered for under $100.00 Canadian each https://www.toyzforsex.com/page/page/2031726.htm

When looking for a G-Spot vibrator you have to know where your G-Spot is. The easiest way for me to describe where your G-Spot is to mention that your G-Spot is inside your vagina or the other side of your clitoris. Use your Clitoris as the pathway to find the same area inside your vagina. The Clitoris has so many nerve endings therefore the same spot but inside your vagina is the G-Spot. Once you have found the other side of the Clitoris think of how to reach that spot.

The Blue Vibrator on the left side is from XR Brand that has 9 functions and the bonus is the tapping part in the top part of the shaft. The shaft is flexible so you can move the vibrator to your G-Spot and tap your G-Spot. I love this vibrator as it does all the work for you in stimulating the G-Spot.

The second Vibrator from the left is the G-Spot Flexible Vibrator from Satisfyer. I love vibrators that are flexible so you can bend the vibrator to the perfect shape for each and every unique vaginal canal. Rechargeable quiet and powerful. Highly recommended for those women who need to shape their vibrator to their body and vagina.

The middle vibrator from NS Novelties called Oh My G, rechargeable flexible shaft with the popular bulb to push against the G-Spot. This sex toys is really popular for couples as when a partner uses this vibrator on a women you can really bounce and tap the G-Spot when performing Oral Sex – very popular.

The second vibrator from the right is a basic G-Spot Vibrator called the Lilac from NS Novelties, rechargeable, but no flexibility in the shaft. The motion is to use this vibrator like a scoop in the vagina. It is also my most reasonable priced G-Spot Vibrator that is rechargeable. Very popular for beginners to finding and understanding their G-Spot.

The last vibrator on the right is the Yummy Sunshine from Satisfyer. I love the handle on this vibrator as when using the Yummy Sunshine you have a firm grip and can move the shaft which is the largest of my G-Spot vibrators to find the right angle for you. Really nice design and shape.

All 5 G-Spot Vibrators are about exploring and understanding where your G-Spot is located and designed to help develop a G-Spot orgasm. But again all orgasms are more about your mind over your body for women, so relax, breath and experiment.

If you are interested in Booking a Sex Toy Party in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland please email at laskamaria@yahoo.ca or text me at 604-657-7840 – lets chat to see if my style of Women only events and seminars are right for you.

Owner and Operator of Sex Ed with a Twist - offering sexual information in a tasteful yet fun manner. Adult novelties, via retail, wholesale or via Sex Toy Parties and Sexuality Seminars. Recently added Cannabis and Micro-Dosing Magic Mushroom education for sexuality.

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