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Family Matters

This year 2023 is not even half over and this year is a roller coaster ride. Prices for rent, food and life has increased to unrealistic levels. People are negative, sick and fucking crazy. So how the hell do we get back into a feeling of normal in this new world??

Family !!!! Family is so important for our mental and physical health.

Our society needs to start embracing the family to help heal your mind, body and soul.

The traditional family has changed over the years and its time for us to develop our own family units. Your family and circle will help you get through negative energy.

So embrace those who are in your family – and family is those who mean the world to you, whom you love and cherish, whom you respect, whom you want to create positive energy with.

Take the time for family picnics, family walks, make family a priority and not just on Christmas Day which is already a stressful day. Celebrate the birthdays and milestones with family. Create memories – elders teach the younger generations ideas, techniques skills.

If we can develop family units we all can heal from this negative space in our world today. Develop your family unit and create positivity from within.

This is just my opinion and how I want to live my life with the family I have created.

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