The Best Sex is the Connection you have with Someone

I have been very lucky over the years that the individuals I have had sex with we have always had some type of connections. Some of the connections are stronger than others, but there has always been a connection.

But the last two months, I have had some of the simplest form of sexual contact with someone yet it feels the strongest.

Good sex isn’t always about the penetration and the different positions you can do but that feeling you get deep down in the gut when you touch that person or kiss them. And kissing – I have always felt as a form of foreplay but with this individual it feels like a bold of lightning ripping through my body. I love kissing him and I can be lost in the kiss for moments on end.

So even thou orgasms are about the connection of sexual touch but there is a moment of orgasm with the simplest form of kissing, touching and just feeling. When you feel that connection with someone – the basic orgasm is just being with them in the moment.

The One Topic No One wants to Discuss during a Sex Toy Party

So over the years, there is one topic that everyone encounters during their sex lives but never wants to discuss it.

The topic is: FARTING – Passing Gas – During SEX either Oral or during penetration.

Well, “Passing Gas” during the intense moment of a good orgasm is quite natural. However, since we in North America feel that ‘farting’ is so wrong and rude that many of us are very embarrassed if this occurs. Welcome to the real world where farting is natural.

During a great orgasm – it is hard not to let everything go and be free as a bird, which includes the passing of all natural gases!!!!

Passing gas is natural, many countries accept it and just deal with it. And if it is so wrong not to pass gas during oral or penetration sex, then why is the anus so close to the main sex organ???

So next time you feel the need to ‘pass gas’ during ‘the moment” it is natural and don’t be embarrassed as I would say that the orgasm you just had must have been amazing for you to lose it all!!!!

Sex Without Emotions

Sometimes Sex without any Emotions is just what someone might need as long as you play safe, secure and no one is getting hurt!!


A lot of people talk about having “fuck buddies”, or “friends with benefits”, and sometimes they actually say they just want “sex with no emotions” 

I call that bullshit, or maybe denial.  I could definitely have a female friend that I also sometimes had sex with; I absolutely could.  However, let’s remember the “buddies” and “friends” part of those terms.  If you called a friend and said you really didn’t want to be alone, and asked if you could get together, and they blew you off without caring that you need them, how would you feel about them as a friend?  You’re starting to get an idea what I mean now, right? 

Even during so-called casual sex, or for that matter, while masturbating, most people imagine they are with another human being, a farm animal, or (*shudders*) SOMETHING!!!  Even a rape fantasy, or actual rape, involves the reaction of another…

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July 2013 in Vancouver, BC

Wow, the first couple of days in July here in Vancouver has been gorgeous, with fantastic weather and lots of sun. We have been so lucky here in Vancouver and the West Coast of Canada as our weather has been perfect. Not too hot and not too cool. I can’t say the same for the rest of Canada where there is flooding in Calgary and now in Toronto. Living in Vancouver in the summer perfect with beaches everywhere and beautiful green parks and spaces. Living on the coast you always get the ocean breeze. Vancouver weather for the beginning of July has been perfect!!!