Summer in Vancouver, BC

You have to love summer and the gorgeous sunshine we have had this summer in Vancouver.

But I personally think that this hot and warm weather has brought out the sex devil in each one of us.

This summer I have heard some amazing sex stories from first time anal sex couples, newbies to swingers, couples getting together in sets, groups or switching roles. I have to say that the people in Vancouver definitely came out if their sexual shell this summer.

I have always found it quite interesting that so many people comment on how hard it is to meet people in the City of Vancouver – whereas if you just smile a bit more and say ‘hi’ to someone without having any reason. Just because someone might say hello to you don’t assume they are a freak of nature or that there is someone wrong with them. Just accept it and say hello back.a

Who knows maybe if we are all a bit more friendly – then you too can come out of your social shell and start having some serious fun and maybe throw in a couple of those sexual fun fantasies for good taste.

You gotta love this city!!!

Good Sex – going with the feeling!!!

One thing can lead to another and when it comes to good sex – it is always the little thing – the smallest sexual sting that can lead into an amazing orgasmic experience.

Something so small or light-handed can turn you into mush and drive that wild sexual woman out!!!

Like a friend grabbing your breast first friendly and gently then on the second pass and a few drinks later – she just whips out your breast and starts sucking on your hard nipple with the flick of her pierced tongue. But the part that drives the animal sexual instinct out of you is when she spits on your breast and licks it aggressively with that sharp pierced tongue. It sends shivers down your spine into the heart of your vagina – which causes it to beat and convulse wildly.

It is over as quickly as it started but you still feel like someone jolted you with electricity all concentrating in the pulsation of your vagina.

So what happens next – as all you can think and focus on is sex and hard fast sex.

So you go home and tell your man to grab your long hair and twist it tight and pull it rough while you suck and swallow his hard stiff cock. There is nothing more exciting than listening to your man moan and scream fuck while you swallow his huge load – and all because of a moment of nipple licking turned you into a sex manic for the moment. Now that is what I call good sex.

Pride Vancouver – a fun weekend

This weekend in Vancouver is Pride week in Vancouver, BC. Yes in Vancouver we celebrate Pride all week with so many parties and events.

Most of the concentration of the celebration is in the West End – Davie Street in particular. Making it a very busy weekend in Vancouver.

This year – the City of Vancouver painted four corners of an intersection on Davie Street at an area called Davie Village – with the bright colours of the rainbow to mark Pride Proud!!! I love the cross walk but I don’t understand how the City of Vancouver could spend $25,000.00 for painting them, that seems a bit excessive in spending!!! But then our City of Vancouver spends so much money – you have to wonder if City Hall is painted in Gold????

Last night was the big Davie Street Party which was fun but the rain and cloudy weather probably turned a few people away from the street party as it was a bit chilly last night. But we cannot complain here in Vancouver as the whole month of July we had solid sunshine – so a bit of cloud and rain after over 31 days of sunshine is okay.

Tonight is a big day with lots of Saturday night parties and events and then the Fireworks are down in English Bay at 10 pm tonight – I think it is Thailand team tonight. Personally I stay away from the Fireworks – too many ‘bridge and tunnel people’ coming in from the suburbs – which makes it unbearable.

However lucky me, gets to work at Ultra Love on Davie Street this afternoon and evening until 9 pm – which should be busy so I don’t have to listen to my co-worker who is very difficult to work with. But with lots of customers today should be a busy one down in the Westend of Vancouver this Pride 2013 weekend.

So Happy Pride 2013 Vancouver!!!