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Stairs and Sex – update June 25, 2021

Stairs and Sex – that is the goal to achieve those 50 Orgasms for my 50th Birthday.

Simple exercise routine: stairs and sex, sex and stairs and then throw a couple of hours for naked sun tanning at Wreck Beach.

Seriously the stairs yes I am comfortable with 7 full sets of stairs at Wreck Beach twice a week and I have added the resistance bands to my work out by adding tension during the stairs workout. And now at the top and bottom of the stairs adding 10 donkey kicks each leg and 10 full swats with the resistance band – adding 70 sets to my stairs work out.

I think the most important link between Stairs and Sex is the Breathing. Breathing is so important in exercising whether it is during working out on the stairs with cardio and when having sex. Breathing is something I have to consciously remember to practice as this is key component to success and achieving my 50 orgasms in my 50th year.

So the Sex – wow – I have official achieved 42 orgasms within a 24 hour period!!! 42 orgasms before I passed out.

A combination to achieve so many orgasms is breathing and mind work – you have to relax – not concentrate but find that happy place and learn to breath – deep long breathing!!!

Sex Toy can help with the combination of clitoral bullets, sucking and gspot and anal toys – the multiple combinations can create new sensations and experiences.

But it will always be regular Sex that can tip anyone over the edge – especially when you have a good sexual connection with someone – not a relationship connection but a sexual energy connection – a meeting of the minds about sex and sexuality.

A meeting of the minds is communication between you and your lover or lovers when it comes to sex and orgasms – finding that common sexual release – that is the ultimate orgasm then harnessing that orgasm and feeling over and over to achieve multiple orgasms – that is how to have 50 orgasms which is so close to my goal.

My goal of 50 orgasms I am planning to achieve a few days before my 50th birthday as my son will be visiting me on my actual birthday and we are organizing a Birthday Party on Wreck Beach on Saturday July 10, 2021 main beach with joints and BBQ meat skewers.

Canada Day July 1, 2021 – I’ll do another post about my journey – thanks for reading my blog post.

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