Our Micro-Dosing Mushroom Capsules and Golden Teachers Dark Chocolates

This video clip is my personal experience about our Magic Mushroom Capsules and our Dark Chocolate Golden Teachers.

Magic Mushrooms are illegal in Canada but given that they help me with my hormones and female issues therefore this is my experience and my decision to share.

The choice is yours as it is your body your decision to try Magic Mushrooms and Micro-dosing therefore please do your research about what might be best for you.

Watch my video by clicking on my cartoon image via Youtube and if you are interested in ordering please visit http://www.toyzforsex.com


New Logo and New Website coming October 17, 2018

Yes – I am finally moving over to our new website and new logo design – Sex Ed with A Twist will be launching October 17, 2018

A website offering Sex Toy and Cannabis Education via Home Parties in Canada only.

Yes your FUCKWARE Party just added a new level – Cannabis education added to our fun and entertaining seminars.

Learn how to mix Sex Toys and Cannabis to your sex life.

Now booking parties in Vancouver, BC, Canada and after October 17, 2018 new consultants will be added.

If interested in more information to book a party or become a consultant please email laskamaria@yahoo.ca or text me at 604-657-7840.

I’m One of the Winners of the 48North Female Scholarship Program this Weekend

I am so excited to head to Toronto this weekend to help relaunch Sex Ed with a Twist mixing Sex Toys with Sexuality Education in a fun and tasteful manner plus adding Cannabis to the combo!!!!!

I am looking forward to learning from all the Experts and Mentors – see the details below and Press Release.

When I am back I will do a Blog post about all the exciting news from this fantastic opportunity.


Meet the Winners of the 48North Female Founder Scholarship Program

Toronto, ON – 48North Cannabis Corp., Canada’s premier women’s-focused health and wellness cannabis company is pleased to announce the five recipients of the 48North Female Founder Scholarship, in partnership with Leaf Forward, an organization dedicated to providing industry leading, acceleration and mentorship programs for early-stage cannabis startups. Of 40 applications, the five winners, Josée Duranleau (Folia Essentials), Laska Freeman (Sex Ed with a Twist), Kelly Marciniw (Baked Bakers Box), Elana Millman (Sacred Leaf) and Unity Whittaker (Indications) will take part in the Leaf Forward Cannabis Startup Bootcamp, taking place in Toronto from July 20 – 23, 2018.

To continue reading click the link below.



Add our new Vibrating Beads to your Bullet Controller

One of my favourite sex toys is the vibrating bullet. I prefer the detachable bullet as I can add other bullets or other attachments to the main bullet controller.

I found a new attachment called vibrating beads which are plastic beads with a plastic coated cord. When you plug these Vibrating Balls into any detachable bullet controller you have created Vaginal or Anal Beads!!! The vibrating sensation is as intense as any bullet controller can handle.

I loved added these beads to my Commander controller and use them as Vibrating Ben Wa Balls. There is nothing more exciting than adding an new attachment to you favourite bullet controller.

To order retail or wholesale email me for pricing and details; laska@sexedwithatwist.com or call 604-657-7840


Sometimes u have to go with the flow

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. We take life so seriously from working our 9 to 5 jobs to our vision of keeping up with the Jones attitude – but life is suppose to be enjoyed.

And there is nothing more to enjoy than is to spending quality time with that one person who turns you on. And what turns you on can be a string of items from kissing, hugs, touching each other from head to toe.

Sometime the little things between each other can have such a huge effect on what turns your on to what exactly brings you to orgasm. The tight pull of the hair to the little bite across your chest and down to your breasts.

Sometimes that is all it takes for someone to have that full body orgasmic feeling. As just being with someone who wants you or finds you so intoxicating that it brings to to that state of bliss. So just go with the flow.

Noir Fetish Night at Chapel Arts in Vancouver, BC – May 19, 2013

Sunday night, I finally attended the Noir Fetish Night at the Chapel Arts location in Vancouver. Noir Fetish Night is organized and operated by a very good friend and business supporter Reive, and he has definitely made the right decision with the location of Chapel Arts in East Vancouver. Okay, maybe the neighbourhood is close to the Hastings Street Skid Row area but Reive and his crew have done a fantastic job at the entrance so it is open and safe from questionable outsiders, there are no dirty dark alleys to gain entrance. Therefore you feel safe as a woman within the surrounding area.

On Sunday night, we were very lucky that the rain held back and it was a perfect evening to attend Noir. I arrived around 10 pm with a group of new friends I met at a small house-warming party. Thank you so much, Nicole for the wonderful house-warming pre-Noir party – I loved the friendly guests / hostess and new friends I met and the food was fantastic. Thank you.

So we arrived at Noir at 10 pm and lucky me – Reive was bright and lively outside, welcoming guests into the venue. So we entered the famous Chapel Arts – for those who have no idea what the Chapel Arts is – it was a church in the past and this building and location has quite the history in Vancouver. Personally I thought it was an old funeral home not an old church. The venue, is amazing so different from other Fetish party locations and events I have attended over the years. The Chapel Arts location is like being at a huge, warm and inviting House Party. This venue has so many rooms and two floors for us Fetish people to enjoy. The main floor has one entrance area where one of the bondage play area is for rope play and located with the main bar. The main room has the St. Andrews Cross and beaches for Bondage play, which is on a raised platform looking over the main dance floor area. The music on the main dance space was a mix of Top 40’s to my favourite some ACDC and old rock favourites. You have to love a mix of all types of music for all different types of people.

Off the main Dance Floor area is a contained smoking section or outside section with a running water feature. I love looking at running water features but when I am drinking beer all night, makes me feel like going to the washroom but the feature is lovely.

So the main floor is large and spacious enough to hold a couple hundred people who is what I felt that Noir did on Sunday night, either you are dancing, meeting new friends, playing in the Bondage area, or getting close and comfortable with each other which helps raise the sexual energy throughout the evening.

Then upstairs is wonderful, close, comfy and different from other events. There is a pool table room!!! So much fun. Nothing is better than mixing with new and old friends over a beer and a game of pool. Loved it. The other room off the pool table room is another dancing area with different styles of rave music with small couches, bar stools and personal touches. You have to love the sexual charged energy of the upstairs level of the Chapel Arts.

I loved Noir on Sunday night but I offer a challenge and suggestion to Noir.

I love the Bondage areas from the hanging rope area, St. Andrews cross, benches, etc, but I always feel that it is the men who are the dominating partners in play. Noir has such beautiful women who are in submissive positions while dominating men practice various role play positions. I would love to see more women feel comfortable and welcoming to being the dominate partner during the play periods at Noir. I would like to see more men in the position similar to the pictures I posted below. Sometimes adding a new angle can develop a heightened experience to Noir Fetish Night.

Love Honey’s Informative Video on Condoms

This is a great Video Link from Love Honey in the UK – about condom use and information.

Love Honey’s Informative Video on Condoms

If you are interested in purchasing Condoms in Canada – contact me at laska@sexedwithatwist.com – I offer lots of brands which are available in Canada. Also visit our Sex Toy website: http://www.toyzforsex.com

Sin City Vancouver, BC

Sin City Fetish Night – Vancouver, BC

Last weekend after many months of either working every night or being a mother to a sixteen year old boy – I finally made it to Sin City located here in Vancouver, BC at the Red Room on Richards Street.

Honestly I have never been a huge fan of the Red Room over the years but last weekend Sin City was so much fun – such a good vibe with huge energy. That is the one thing that Sin City has perfected is the energy which is that everyone from all shapes, sizes, fetishes and personality will be accepted at Sin City.

Many of my clients think that you will only be accepted if you are a fan of bondage or a certain fetish etc but that is not true. The real meaning of Sin City parties and events are that they accept anyone who is willing to put effort into a fetish theme attire. Therefore attitudes are left at the door. You have to love that type of energy.

So last weekend, I got very drunk off Beer but I started with Bailey’s and Coffee since I had worked 8 hours beforehand and one of my close friends picked me up and drove. He hadn’t been to a Sin City for the past year and he was very excited about attending a Sin City Event.

Oh what fun – Sin City can be – where everyone dances with you and everyone is so friendly and not in a creepy way but a true friendly, open environment. The dungeon is always very popular for you to sit back and watch the talent from floggers, whips, rope and interesting techniques you must attend to see. If you are interested in being part of the dungeon play – no one will judge you and remember is it about fun – just something different from the norm.

The organizer and his wonderful girlfriend put a fantastic Floor Show with an assortment mix of music to keep you dancing all night. Of course when I get drunk – I become quite vocal, with cheers and hollers as I turn into a “truck driver in a peeler bar”, but it is always in good fun and with positive energy.

The one things I think I miss the most, when I seem to be too busy with work and life is that Sin City patrons are so welcoming and friendly to everyone that you feel that you belong to a huge community and you meet some of the most amazing friends and clients. Of course the sexual energy is always a welcome and it’s up to you how much of that sexual energy you want to consume.

So in conclusion about Sin City last weekend it was so much fun and thank you so much everyone, and if you are interested in attending check out the website link – I added on the top of this Blog post.