Order from Sacred Meds

I wanted to share with my Followers and Friends how easy and simple is it to order from Sacred Meds in Canada. I have set up a referral link with them to offer you more cannabis and psilocybin products than what I offer and if you have more direct questions about using these products for your personal journey as I only specialize in female issues and sexual issues.

First the address on my package is our business address not my personal address.

The process is simple: (Canadian residents and addresses only)

Click on this link: https://sacredmeds.com/?ref=117

To sign up easy process – name address billing address and shipping address – you can by-pass the Photo ID if you mention you are a client of mine in the comment box.

So many fantastic items to choose with excellent write-ups to help direct you to the right form of cannabis or psilocybin products you want help with your health and mindset.

The items I choose:

Lemon Drop Cannabis 3.5 grams – one of my favourite Sativa dominate strains – love the after taste of this bud.

THC Oral Spray Mint flavour – I love these cute sprays for under your tongue a quick spray to help relieve tension and anxiety. Highly recommended.

Charlotte’s Web Pre-roll – I love these CBD pre-rolls perfect for when I have female hormone issues and need that CBD to help relieve the symptoms

My Scoobies as I was excited to try these 100 mg psilocybin capsules, Golden Teachers Mushrooms, Bee Pollen, Ginger, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng and Green Tea Extract – excellent idea to add the Green Tea Extracts to these Scoobie Snacks – amazing microdose.

The process to pay is simple just follow the instructions to pay via Etransfer in Canadian funds. My order was shipped out the next day with confirmation via email etc – as you can see from my pictures below the packaging is discreet, simple and lots of vacuum-sealed so no odors etc. Also a bonus with a branded BIC lighter.

Sacred Meds offer a point system to referrals and orders which is nice for saving some money in future orders.

Sacred Meds can offer you more selection and other alternatives than what I offer – please mention me during sign up and if any questions etc Brian is excellent at replying back and helping you find the exact product you need for your health.

Our Micro-Dosing Mushroom Capsules and Golden Teachers Dark Chocolates

This video clip is my personal experience about our Magic Mushroom Capsules and our Dark Chocolate Golden Teachers.

Magic Mushrooms are illegal in Canada but given that they help me with my hormones and female issues therefore this is my experience and my decision to share.

The choice is yours as it is your body your decision to try Magic Mushrooms and Micro-dosing therefore please do your research about what might be best for you.

Watch my video by clicking on my cartoon image via Youtube and if you are interested in ordering please visit http://www.toyzforsex.com


New Logo and New Website coming October 17, 2018

Yes – I am finally moving over to our new website and new logo design – Sex Ed with A Twist will be launching October 17, 2018

A website offering Sex Toy and Cannabis Education via Home Parties in Canada only.

Yes your FUCKWARE Party just added a new level – Cannabis education added to our fun and entertaining seminars.

Learn how to mix Sex Toys and Cannabis to your sex life.

Now booking parties in Vancouver, BC, Canada and after October 17, 2018 new consultants will be added.

If interested in more information to book a party or become a consultant please email laskamaria@yahoo.ca or text me at 604-657-7840.

Movie review of Book Club – where is the Cannabis

So tonight I finally got a free night to watch a movie that I saw a brief review on called the Book Club which is about four older aged 60 plus and their sex and love life while reading the Trilogy 50 Shades of Grey.

This movie was quite good and funny – it was amusing and no I was not the only person in the theatre but their were lots of ladies.

I really liked the movie except for one theme which I personally felt was missing – and no it is not the sex as sex is sex and as long as every one is having fun – who cares if you are into a spanking or one night stands or just kissing and romance.

The missing theme is Cannabis – maybe it is because I am from BC Canada where Cannabis is a natural part of Book Clubs, Ladies Night and Girls Hanging out but honestly with the regulation of Cannabis in California why not break the stigma of Ladies Night IN, where women have their trays of cheese, crackers and fresh fruit and their bottles of wine but why not a joint.

The scene I am referring to is when the Ladies are chatting about their relationship status and they start drinking wine – the film pans out and there were 4 bottles of wine on the table.

Seriously Ladies night with that much wine in this new age of Cannabis products – hell no – when I have a Ladies Night or go to a Ladies Night sorry the Communal Joint or now Vape preferable a nice Gold Tip Classy Vape is passed around while only one or two bottles of wine are shared.

During these Ladies Night we are there to have fun, chat, drink and toke but toke in a new and fun social way without all the calories which is why Cannabis products will be taking over the scene of us ‘bitches’ sitting around with bottles after bottles of wine.

Alcohol has some serious high calories and heavy sugar content.

Now-a-days Ladies Night consist of a few bottles of wine, appies, Cannabis-infused of Edibles 5 mg THC max and maybe a beautiful Vape or high quality Hybrid Joint (higher in the Sativa strain than the Indica).

So Hollywood time to change those scenes of our Ladies Night In.

But hey this is just my opinion from the future of Legalized Country Canada and the best bud in the world BC BUD!!!!


420 Vancouver in Sunset Beach 2018

This year 420 is on a Friday April 20, 2018!!!

And in Vancouver we have one of the biggest celebrations and events in Canada and in the World and this year before our July 1, 2018 Legalization of Cannabis in Canada this is the last year for a raw and real celebration.

That’s right a raw and real celebration without a Park Permit for Sunset Beach without the Big Corporate and Government Business models taking over.  This celebration is about the Mom’s and Pop’s Online Stores, Dispensaries and Home Grown Farms.

So this is the year to be in Vancouver for 420 as it is last of the freedom come down and check it out at Sunset Beach this year all day and most of the night since it is a Friday night!!!!


Booking Sex Toy Parties for Girls Night In, Bachelorette Parties, Ladies Night

I have added so many new products and seminar themes to my Sex Toy Parties.  I am really excited about what I have added to the parties.

First, rechargeable Bullets – amazing 15 function bullet completely waterproof from Screaming Oh’s available in Black, Blue, Purple or Pink and comes with a two year warranty.  These bullets are fantastic and the price is just right at $50.00 each.


Of course I have lots of other products from Battery operated Vibrators to rechargeable units, including fun bondage gear and new Massage Candles which are very reasonable.

My seminar section has added new Blow Job techniques, some new positions to consider and last Cannabis infused products, such as the Cannalife Pleasure Oil 10 ml at $20.00 each which is amazing, (see my blog post on the details)

But not only will I be bringing the Pleasure Oil, there is Cannabis infused Massage Oil and Dark Chocolates, all reasonable priced and these items will help improve one’s sex life and orgasms.

For Hostessing a Sex Toy Party with me I will be offering amazing discounts with the WeVibe Sync at $200.00 instead of $250.00 and discounts on Lubricants.

Think about Booking a Party with Laskamaria – the process is simple, just text me at 604-657-7840 or email: laskamaria@yahoo.ca – there is no deposits or minimums just contact me to discuss a possible date.


Laskamaria E-commerce Store for Vibrating Bullet, Sleeves and Rings

I have just designed a simple e-commerce website offering Vibrating Bullets, Sleeves and Rings.

Priced at a reasonable price – pricing in Canadian dollars.

Free Shipping within Canada

Shipping $10.00 anywhere in USA

Shipping $20.00 anywhere in the world

Payment via Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

These are my products – in simple sealed packaging yet powerful and durable.

To order now and receive a FREE Lubricant – click: http://www.laskamaria.shopify.com

Order from my website: http://www.laskamaria.shopify.com

Order from my website: http://www.laskamaria.shopify.com