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50 Orgasms for my 50th Birthday Challenge Completed – not Once but Twice

This challenge has been one of my favourite personal goals I have ever set in my life.

So how this all started – I was having amazing sex with this younger man and I mean a fun long evening with some magic mushrooms, cannabis joints, champagne and fun accessories – ie sex toys!! And at the end of a few hours I was completely wiped and I mean exhausted – my body, my breathing, my whole body – I was ready to pass out and he had not finished yet!!!

I asked myself – Are you friggin serious I was too exhausted to finish him last night. I never do that, as I am a ‘Trooper’ and I will go hard until all have orgasmed and enjoyed themselves.

I knew exactly what happened – the COVID 20 pounds – I was lazy and not exercising, eating poorly – it was around Christmas 2020 and I thought that maybe a fun challenge would help be with this personal goal to get fit for better sex.

And since I would be turning 50 years old July 2021 and my birthday trip was cancelled to Nashville with my girlfriends due to COVID – why not set up a fun 50th birthday goal and lets kick the COVID 20 pounds in the CUNT!

I pulled off at least 20 orgasms with that younger guy and I felt great after 20 orgasms but it caused me to almost pass out – but why not 50 orgasms in a 24 hour period in celebration of my 50th birthday and I hope I don’t pass out!!!!

That young guy – thank you and glad we had fun again and I could keep up the second time around!!! And thank you for helping me create this challenge!!!

50 orgasms for 50 birthday is just a personal challenge and a fun challenge.

Where I can get the motivation to exercise, work on better breath work and change my diet – not just for more orgasms and better sex but break the negative energy COVID has brought to around the world.

Orgasms are the one thing we can control ourselves and they are so fantastic!!!!!!

So how is the 50 orgasm challenge proceeding:

Since New Years 2021, I started doing the stairs at Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC Canada on the weekends and holidays.

Started with 3-4 sets and as of June 1, 2021 – minimum 7 sets every Saturday and Sunday and many of my friends have joined me on the weekend early morning hours to help reach their exercise goals.

Those 7 sets of stairs are just under 500 stairs up and 500 down, I have added running bursts and those exercise bands to help tensify the workout.

My diet – meat and veggies with limited about of sugars, carbs etc. No special diet just positive energy and healthy eating.

During the week I am so busy with work but I manage to do a home workout with yoga and breath work from my girlfriends company http://www.breatheperiod.com

I highly recommend checking out these ladies and their business for your personal journey in healing and breath work – simply amazing.

My Orgasms – holy shit – working on a complete exercise and life routine focused on more frequent and intensive orgasms has been extremely rewarding.

My body has toned up and I have lost a good amount of weight and my ability to be more flexible has increased that I can almost be turned into a pretzel during sex!!!

My skin looks amazing with each and every orgasm – orgasms are the fountain of youth!!!

My mind has been more confident in meeting people, handling friendships and business relations – all focusing on the positive energy from all my orgasms!!

And SEX – WOW – some of the best sex with the most amazing men and women since I started this challenge.

Words cannot describe my orgasms and my sex life – all I can offer to you is to set your own Orgasm Challenge and have fun doing it.

Check out my weekly blog posts about my last weeks of this challenge…

Update July 17, 2021 – challenge accepted and completed!!!

Absolutely the 50 orgasms for my 50th birthday challenge was completed and honestly it was easier than you image – it is simple when you put your mind to something plan in out and execute it – the goal becomes a reality you just have to believe mind over matter – orgasms are just that – a physical release of energy with the connection of body and mind – once you have found the key within your self to be free – your body becomes free and so do those heavenly orgasms.

The mind when you release those positive endorphins WOW!!!

How did I achieve those 50 orgasms – well I actually did 50 orgasms twice once all sex toys over a fabulous 24 hours at home – 2 an hour and I have thousands of dollars worth of sex toys – therefore many possibilities. But it was the exercise and those Wreck Beach Stairs Workouts with my friends that pushed me – not only physically for endurance but breathing properly, healthier lifestyle but once you feel great with your body – orgasms become really easy as you get TURNED ON all the TIME!!!!

So thank you to everyone helping me with my exercise on the stairs, diet and positive encouragement.

So the Second Time – OMG – was with one person and shit can this Man take me to a level of sexual ecstasy, I have never experienced.

I have always had good sex but this is FUCKING Fantastic Sex.

For all you Heroin Addicts – SEX with this Man is better than Heroin of course I told him that when I finished “Riding Him” and 30 plus orgasms.

Orgasms with this Man I leave this planet and partied in another universe with every inch of my skin and mind tingling.

That is what Good Orgasms feel like – WOW. HOLY SHIT!!!!

You can do a million different positions, try new things, add fetishes but when you meet a Sexual Soul Mate – sex becomes developed in the mind – the mind itself EXPLODES!

So yes I achieved 50 orgasms with one person as well and I have to thank him so much as I have never felt so frigin good in a long time – no more negative thoughts just bliss. You were a joy to spend our short time together and now time to move onto bigger and better things for me!!!!

Yes I did complete the 50 Orgasms for my 50th Birthday and I have become a much happier positive individual.

And on that note – I will be starting up my HOME PARTIES and SEMINARS for Women and Couples starting in August 2021.

We all need to start: CONSUMING POSITIVE ENERGY – and I want to share my experiences of Weed, Mushrooms and Sexuality with others so you too can reach your NUMBER OF ORGASMS!!!!

If you are interested in Booking a Party please email me at laskamaria@yahoo.ca or text me 604-657-7840. See you soon thanks Laska

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