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June 14, 2021 – 50 orgasms challenge update

Less than 30 days until my personal challenge for reaching 50 orgasms for my 50th Birthday.

I have no idea how much weight I have lost during these past months but my endurance and muscle tone has greatly improved.

I am up to 7 full cycles of the stairs at Wreck Beach on Saturday and Sunday’s morning. 7 full sets up and down with intermediate running inbetween the stairs or using a resistance band to help work those gluts and thigh muscles.

I have amazing support from my friends who have started joining me for their own fitness journeys and it has become a social event for us – as you might as well have have fun with your exercising !!!

A fun picture from Sunday Trail 7 with all the running water and greenery

As for the Orgasms and Sex – seriously I can not complain as I am very lucky.

I have been extremely busy with work and business that I have not logged in a full 24 hours lately but I have managed to achieve multiple orgasms at least 10 within an hour period which has been one of my personal goals.

The after time is what I have been concerned about as I am exhausted after 10 orgasms within an hour.

I am changing food intake – more protein and vegetables – staying away from the sugars.

Smoking cannabis I have these amazing CBD Charolette’s Web Pre-rolls I picked up from www.sacredmeds.com – helps me mellow out but not pass out so I can keep the momentum up.

Sex – my sex life is amazing I cannot complain or want more from it right now – it is simply fantastic between my mind and body – complete bliss.

I feel that self love is just as important as sex with another human being. And using sex toys to help self love is one of the most peaceful and fulfilling things I have ever done – as orgasms can cause such calm and peace within me.

I wanted to share some of the fantastic sex toys that are my personal favourites, which proudly displayed in my main living space as decorative pieces since I use them daily and regularly.

A girl’s ‘must have’ the bullet and this Blue Teal Bullet is perfect with 9 functions 3 speeds and 6 patterns – I only use the speeds and preferably fast!!!! Rechargeable and waterproof is a must!!

I received a free sample of the Lelo Sonaya Cruise 2 which is an amazing clit sucker and a WOW clit sucker – quiet, powerful and does the job. I love Clit Sucker Vibrators as they suck and suck at your clit with vibration and air waves – the combination intensifies the orgasm and makes you float on a cloud as it is the perfect clit toy!!!

I also have the Womanizer and Satisyer brand which I love and use as well and this picture looked better with the Lelo Clit Sucker.

Le Wand stainless steel weighted dildo – now a dildos is a sex toy with no vibrations or movement. This Wand is amazing as it is heavy, solid and with the perfect curve. I just slip the Le Wand into my vagina and press against my G-Spot with a tapping motion. Then I use my Clit Sucker or Bullet on my Clitoris at the same time. So amazing with the Wand – complete bliss and taking Orgasms to a new level!!!

Now the Wand is cold and hard so I use my THC and CBD Pleasure Oil which is made for my company – the combo of this Oil is amazing as it has healing properties to help maintain the 22 bacterias our vagina hold on a regular basis. The CBD and THC is just weed simply pressed into an oil and added to Jobaba Oil, Myrrh and Frankincense – sweet and simple ingredients to help lubricant the vagina therefore making the Le Wand easier to use.

And I love Edibles when having sex – I love how they help me relax and become calm and when I say Calm – I mean my head is not racing with millions of thoughts. Edibles make me slow down and only concentrate on one thing at a time and also enjoy each and every moment which helps so much to achieve those full body orgasms. I love all my products and I enjoy all the edibles that I offer but right now with my body and mind I am enjoying Fly Me to the Moon from Baron Concentrates.

You can purchase all these products on my website www.toyzforsex.com only available to Canadians and free shipping over $50.00.

That is my process in a simple blog post – keep reading as next week I’ll be sharing more tips and suggestions on how I am going to achieve those 50 orgasms.

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