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Order from Sacred Meds

I wanted to share with my Followers and Friends how easy and simple is it to order from Sacred Meds in Canada. I have set up a referral link with them to offer you more cannabis and psilocybin products than what I offer and if you have more direct questions about using these products for your personal journey as I only specialize in female issues and sexual issues.

First the address on my package is our business address not my personal address.

The process is simple: (Canadian residents and addresses only)

Click on this link: https://sacredmeds.com/?ref=117

To sign up easy process – name address billing address and shipping address – you can by-pass the Photo ID if you mention you are a client of mine in the comment box.

So many fantastic items to choose with excellent write-ups to help direct you to the right form of cannabis or psilocybin products you want help with your health and mindset.

The items I choose:

Lemon Drop Cannabis 3.5 grams – one of my favourite Sativa dominate strains – love the after taste of this bud.

THC Oral Spray Mint flavour – I love these cute sprays for under your tongue a quick spray to help relieve tension and anxiety. Highly recommended.

Charlotte’s Web Pre-roll – I love these CBD pre-rolls perfect for when I have female hormone issues and need that CBD to help relieve the symptoms

My Scoobies as I was excited to try these 100 mg psilocybin capsules, Golden Teachers Mushrooms, Bee Pollen, Ginger, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng and Green Tea Extract – excellent idea to add the Green Tea Extracts to these Scoobie Snacks – amazing microdose.

The process to pay is simple just follow the instructions to pay via Etransfer in Canadian funds. My order was shipped out the next day with confirmation via email etc – as you can see from my pictures below the packaging is discreet, simple and lots of vacuum-sealed so no odors etc. Also a bonus with a branded BIC lighter.

Sacred Meds offer a point system to referrals and orders which is nice for saving some money in future orders.

Sacred Meds can offer you more selection and other alternatives than what I offer – please mention me during sign up and if any questions etc Brian is excellent at replying back and helping you find the exact product you need for your health.

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