Touching my Sexual Soul

It is rare that I write on my blog about my personal experiences and especially about my sex life.  My sex life as one might describe is a troll of treasurers that I keep locked up and close to my chest as what I feel and experience with sex is so amazing and fairy tale like to others.  But ones sex life and sexual experiences can seem like a novel of explosions and excitement to someone seems like nothing to me and what I have ever felt.  I don’t feel, I conquer sex and sexual experiences like a game of check marks and marks that I have to surpass before I become to old to experience the pleasures of sex and my sexuality.  And that makes me dangerous to people.

However I have come across only one person who can stir something in me and he has never touched me.  Not a hug or a touch of a finger but he can move me to that place where one can find that euphoria of sexual bliss.  At first I hated him for it as it is not the way I have become programmed and when I mix the drugs in with the sex it helps build the sexual stepping stones to fulfil some dream or conquer some game I have developed in my mind.  The game is why I am so good at teaching sex and sexuality to people via my website, blog, parties, seminars and talks.  As the game of sex is what people want to believe that sex is a process to reach an orgasm and to offer an amazing story but it is not that it is a feeling deep inside yourself and it is not about another person.  I offer amazing stories and lessons on how to pleasure your partner how to give fantastic blow jobs, move into different angles and love your lover but if you want to know the truth about me, it is a game, it has always been a game of sex for me.  I love to conquer the person who says they have never had a good orgasm or great blow job or have never done a certain sex act.  I love the feeling that sex is a game and you have to win and be the best or at least the most memorable.  But that is not what is all about.  Sex is about a feeling inside of you that once it comes out it, can light a room that you are in but you are the only one who feels and sees it.

Some people can feel that feeling inside themselves by themselves but for me it was someone who brought it out in me and he never touched me.  At first it was so confusing to me as why can I not touch what is in front of me but that is not what he is about to me.  He makes me listen to him and feel him but from a distance. I can hear his voice and the tone and pitch but makes me stir inside, as like I have been asleep until I really listen to him.  He likes to touch himself alone in the dark, I know he is naked he never has to tell me I just know.  I can always tell from his voice that is insecure about his body as there is this pitch to it when he mentions that he is going to bed and thinks about what I do alone when I masturbate.  But that insecurity goes away after a while.  He lies in bed and starts touching himself I feel that when he talks to me that I am right there floating above him watching and feeling everything he feels which forces me to follow suit.  He always slowly strokes his cock, slowing with long strokes from the base to the tip always following through the motion of the shaft from bottom to top.  Long strokes and soft just like his voice.  But he has a fetish as he likes it when someone watches but he doesn’t realize that he has two fetishes someone who watches and someone who listens and obeys his tone.  I obey his tone as he is telling me that I must follow his strokes and touch myself the same way he does, long and slow from the tip of my clitoris to the entrance of my vagina.  I can follow him on every movement as I can feel it so strong that I feel that I am sitting opposite him following his every move.  I close my eyes and I am there in the same room watching him, as he looks outside to watch passer-by stop and view his window.  I know they can’t see in but in his mind they are watching but it is me watching and waiting to follow his command.  But he never commands me I just feel it so I follow him.  I feel how his breathing becomes deep and raspy as his strokes get faster and shorter.  I am so memorized by his breathing that I keep touching myself in wide circles, as I want to touch every part of my vaginal lips every part as he touches every inch of his cock.  I think of him touching me with his lips not to turn me on but to turn himself on as the taste of sexual energy is what turns him on.  The energy he produces with his breathing and how he talks to me makes every inch of me tingle as I have fire ants dancing all over my body.  I keep watching him as I feel I can see him as clear as day.  He stokes his cock faster as he gets harder and I can see it throbbing as he goes from one long stroke to the next.  He tells me what he has pictured for months about me.  He pictures a massive flesh coloured dildo which balls ramming deep and fast into my pussy.  He visualizes that it goes in and out of me at such a fast and vigious speed that is makes my pussy swell and remain loose and open.  But my pussy devours the dildo as I picture myself so excited and wet from him ramming the dildo deep inside me that my pussy wants to speak and say don’t stop, don’t ever stop.  My pussy is following his lead his reaction, that my pussy just wants that desire he has and has been thinking about doing to me.  He tells me what he has been thinking and how when he pushes that dildo deep inside me he tastes me and licks me as to ensure that I know he has complete control over every stroke and thrust.  He wants to know that my pussy agrees with him and what he is doing to me which why he needs to lick me to ensure himself that this is okay but it is more than okay for me as it is his reinsurance that excites me, his control his desire, his fantasy that brings me to the point.  The point is where I am somewhere else, not an orgasm with the pulsations and movements it is where I don’t know where I am, I am gone and his voice, his fantasies only he can do to me.

I can feel it when he is about to cum,  it is the shorting of breathing and the sound of the motion I heard, but I close me eyes and I can see him grip his cock as he explodes and he loses control, the quick jerk of his leg and muscles as his cum is released.  How I wish I could really taste it, taste him, touch him as he releases all his energy.  I feel it as I close my eyes and picture him at that moment which brings me to a release of my own energy as I feel as I have been gone and I am finally floating back to where and who I am, as I don’t have multiple orgasms, I have just one, just one very long one as he takes to the most vulnerable place in my soul and I ride every wave of orgasm with the sound of his voice and the pitch of breathing.

There is one word he call me when he is excited, which will haunt me in my future, as it is word I hear from him every time, it is the word that makes it okay to feel and experience a moment of complete ecstasy in an orgasm you have reached with words alone.  He touches me in ways no one man or woman have ever touched me to the deep core of my soul to release the true feeling of my sexuality.  I love him, I love him in that moment and that moment is what I will hold on to.

Health Benefits of an Orgasm a Day

It has been awhile since I have written a Blog post and today after many discussions in the past few weeks I wanted to add a Blog post on Health Benefits of an Orgasm a Day through Sex and / or Masturbation.

I added the and/or Masturbation as I have experienced that many people here in Vancouver, BC, Canada are very busy with their lives, family, work etc, etc that masturbation or ‘quickies’ are more and more popular as many of us do not have the time or energy to have a good long Sex Session with our partner or loved ones.

Therefore this Blog post is a quick reference for you to view the Health Benefits of a Daily Orgasm!!!

1. Keeps the Immune System running smoothly. A health orgasm helps stimulate the blood flow and fight off viruses etc.  An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!!!

2. Helps to strengthen the Pelvic Muscle therefore supports a Bladder.  A good orgasm a day helps protect against Bladder Controll Issues as when the muscles contract during an orgasm it helps build up the PVC muscle which supports the Bladder!!

3. Helps boost Libido and keeps you looking sexy, fresh and youthful.  An orgasm helps stimulate positive energy towards the world in general via your natural glow.

4. Helps with Female Monthly periods as the contractions from good Orgasms help the blood to become released from the body faster and helps reduce pain during our Time of the Month.

5. A good Orgasm can help you sleep better and everyone needs a good sleep.

6.  Last a good Orgasm can Ease Stress and Anxiety which is 100% better than taking medication for Depression, Anxiety etc and it is the one main reason why I love a daily routine of an Orgasm a Day keeps me Health!!!

So enjoy the Summer and remember to have an Orgasm a Day!!!

If you want to learn more about techniques to achieve stronger Orgasms – I offer SEX ED Seminars for women and couples just email me at or text me at 604-6577840 for details and prices.

An Orgasm a Day can ROCK your WORLD

An Orgasm a Day can ROCK your WORLD

50 Shades of Grey Movie Review – The Movie needed more SEX like the Books

Last night Friday February 13 2015 – my girlfriend and I booked tickets to the 50 Shades of Grey movie.  It was our Valentine’s Day treat!!!

I really needed to see this movie as I have read the Trilogy a dozen times and offer amazing 50 Shades of Grey Sex Toy parties and I also have the XXX Porno Version of 50 Shades of Grey.

The movie – was okay.  It tried to follow the basic theme of the first book of the trilogy.  The contract part was very well done in the negotiations and discussion.

The actress Dakota who played Anastasia did an amazing job of being a shy and little ‘quirky’ virgin.  She did a really good job in acting and portraying love to her Christian Grey.

The problem was him this actor who played Christian Grey lacked depth – he seemed to speak the lines but with no major emotion not like the character in the book.  Christian Grey in the book had depth and amazing emotion to Anastasia but never expressed it normally – it was layered in baggage but you could feel it which is what this actor didn’t get.  That PASSION and LOVE – you don’t get with the two actors, very little chemistry.  She does an amazing job but he didn’t.  Sometimes he came across as ‘cheesy’.

What the movie lacked was SEX and good SEX!!!  In the books Anastasia has her moments of dominating sex – her Blow Job techniques in the bathtub is a powerful moment for her and her sexuality as it mellows out her submissive role in the Red Room.  In the books she has amazing sex and she controls it which helps balance out her character and the movie did not show any of the sex power Anastasia had in the books.

The movie does not show the Silver Ball scene where she wears the Silver Balls inside her vagina when meeting Christian’s family and how much she enjoys them.  Also the sex scene at Christian’s parents house in his old room is a powerful moment in the book when she dominates him sexually after removing the Silver Balls from her vagina.

The scene with her visiting her mother down South USA is actually in the second book and there is this amazing sex scene when Christian removes Anastasia’s tampon and they have sex, which is a powerful sex scene between the two with trust and sexuality.

About the Red Room which was visually beautiful and attractive and the movie did a good job in very basic techniques etc.  So many people have said that it portrays domestic abuse which I have a very difficult time understanding as throughout the books just like the movie, Christian always asks for permission before acting any dominating sexual act.  Christian is insecure and tries to be controlling but you understand that he has baggage and he is scared about his emotions which is why he is so protective and almost creepy.

However in new relationships all people are insecure about their feelings and emotions and the level of trust, protection etc subdues over time in a relationship which happens over the trilogy in the books.  Therefore Christian is not as controlling in time, which of course you would not see in the first book or first movie.

Anastasia has control as she has the right to refuse or leave at any time which of course just like the first book she leaves as she feels that she can’t be what he wants with his dominating role in the Red Room.  Anastasia tried something he wanted and didn’t like it. Couples should try new ideas and if they don’t like something as long as they try it then you can’t complain as relationships are about trying new things together and finding levels of your relationship which you want to have together.

Last note about the movie – it needed more SEX where Anastasia is in control like her character in the books. The actor who portrayed Christian does not do a good job, I wanted to love him but I couldn’t.  So should you go see the movie – no wait until it is released on Netflix.

50 Shades of Grey Movie

50 Shades of Grey Movie

Good Sex – going with the feeling!!!

One thing can lead to another and when it comes to good sex – it is always the little thing – the smallest sexual sting that can lead into an amazing orgasmic experience.

Something so small or light-handed can turn you into mush and drive that wild sexual woman out!!!

Like a friend grabbing your breast first friendly and gently then on the second pass and a few drinks later – she just whips out your breast and starts sucking on your hard nipple with the flick of her pierced tongue. But the part that drives the animal sexual instinct out of you is when she spits on your breast and licks it aggressively with that sharp pierced tongue. It sends shivers down your spine into the heart of your vagina – which causes it to beat and convulse wildly.

It is over as quickly as it started but you still feel like someone jolted you with electricity all concentrating in the pulsation of your vagina.

So what happens next – as all you can think and focus on is sex and hard fast sex.

So you go home and tell your man to grab your long hair and twist it tight and pull it rough while you suck and swallow his hard stiff cock. There is nothing more exciting than listening to your man moan and scream fuck while you swallow his huge load – and all because of a moment of nipple licking turned you into a sex manic for the moment. Now that is what I call good sex.

The Best Sex is the Connection you have with Someone

I have been very lucky over the years that the individuals I have had sex with we have always had some type of connections. Some of the connections are stronger than others, but there has always been a connection.

But the last two months, I have had some of the simplest form of sexual contact with someone yet it feels the strongest.

Good sex isn’t always about the penetration and the different positions you can do but that feeling you get deep down in the gut when you touch that person or kiss them. And kissing – I have always felt as a form of foreplay but with this individual it feels like a bold of lightning ripping through my body. I love kissing him and I can be lost in the kiss for moments on end.

So even thou orgasms are about the connection of sexual touch but there is a moment of orgasm with the simplest form of kissing, touching and just feeling. When you feel that connection with someone – the basic orgasm is just being with them in the moment.

The One Topic No One wants to Discuss during a Sex Toy Party

So over the years, there is one topic that everyone encounters during their sex lives but never wants to discuss it.

The topic is: FARTING – Passing Gas – During SEX either Oral or during penetration.

Well, “Passing Gas” during the intense moment of a good orgasm is quite natural. However, since we in North America feel that ‘farting’ is so wrong and rude that many of us are very embarrassed if this occurs. Welcome to the real world where farting is natural.

During a great orgasm – it is hard not to let everything go and be free as a bird, which includes the passing of all natural gases!!!!

Passing gas is natural, many countries accept it and just deal with it. And if it is so wrong not to pass gas during oral or penetration sex, then why is the anus so close to the main sex organ???

So next time you feel the need to ‘pass gas’ during ‘the moment” it is natural and don’t be embarrassed as I would say that the orgasm you just had must have been amazing for you to lose it all!!!!