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Good Sex – going with the feeling!!!

One thing can lead to another and when it comes to good sex – it is always the little thing – the smallest sexual sting that can lead into an amazing orgasmic experience.

Something so small or light-handed can turn you into mush and drive that wild sexual woman out!!!

Like a friend grabbing your breast first friendly and gently then on the second pass and a few drinks later – she just whips out your breast and starts sucking on your hard nipple with the flick of her pierced tongue. But the part that drives the animal sexual instinct out of you is when she spits on your breast and licks it aggressively with that sharp pierced tongue. It sends shivers down your spine into the heart of your vagina – which causes it to beat and convulse wildly.

It is over as quickly as it started but you still feel like someone jolted you with electricity all concentrating in the pulsation of your vagina.

So what happens next – as all you can think and focus on is sex and hard fast sex.

So you go home and tell your man to grab your long hair and twist it tight and pull it rough while you suck and swallow his hard stiff cock. There is nothing more exciting than listening to your man moan and scream fuck while you swallow his huge load – and all because of a moment of nipple licking turned you into a sex manic for the moment. Now that is what I call good sex.

1 comment on “Good Sex – going with the feeling!!!

  1. micklively

    Sounds good to me.

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