The Best Sex is the Connection you have with Someone

I have been very lucky over the years that the individuals I have had sex with we have always had some type of connections. Some of the connections are stronger than others, but there has always been a connection.

But the last two months, I have had some of the simplest form of sexual contact with someone yet it feels the strongest.

Good sex isn’t always about the penetration and the different positions you can do but that feeling you get deep down in the gut when you touch that person or kiss them. And kissing – I have always felt as a form of foreplay but with this individual it feels like a bold of lightning ripping through my body. I love kissing him and I can be lost in the kiss for moments on end.

So even thou orgasms are about the connection of sexual touch but there is a moment of orgasm with the simplest form of kissing, touching and just feeling. When you feel that connection with someone – the basic orgasm is just being with them in the moment.

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