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50 Shades of Grey Movie Review – The Movie needed more SEX like the Books

Last night Friday February 13 2015 – my girlfriend and I booked tickets to the 50 Shades of Grey movie.  It was our Valentine’s Day treat!!!

I really needed to see this movie as I have read the Trilogy a dozen times and offer amazing 50 Shades of Grey Sex Toy parties and I also have the XXX Porno Version of 50 Shades of Grey.

The movie – was okay.  It tried to follow the basic theme of the first book of the trilogy.  The contract part was very well done in the negotiations and discussion.

The actress Dakota who played Anastasia did an amazing job of being a shy and little ‘quirky’ virgin.  She did a really good job in acting and portraying love to her Christian Grey.

The problem was him this actor who played Christian Grey lacked depth – he seemed to speak the lines but with no major emotion not like the character in the book.  Christian Grey in the book had depth and amazing emotion to Anastasia but never expressed it normally – it was layered in baggage but you could feel it which is what this actor didn’t get.  That PASSION and LOVE – you don’t get with the two actors, very little chemistry.  She does an amazing job but he didn’t.  Sometimes he came across as ‘cheesy’.

What the movie lacked was SEX and good SEX!!!  In the books Anastasia has her moments of dominating sex – her Blow Job techniques in the bathtub is a powerful moment for her and her sexuality as it mellows out her submissive role in the Red Room.  In the books she has amazing sex and she controls it which helps balance out her character and the movie did not show any of the sex power Anastasia had in the books.

The movie does not show the Silver Ball scene where she wears the Silver Balls inside her vagina when meeting Christian’s family and how much she enjoys them.  Also the sex scene at Christian’s parents house in his old room is a powerful moment in the book when she dominates him sexually after removing the Silver Balls from her vagina.

The scene with her visiting her mother down South USA is actually in the second book and there is this amazing sex scene when Christian removes Anastasia’s tampon and they have sex, which is a powerful sex scene between the two with trust and sexuality.

About the Red Room which was visually beautiful and attractive and the movie did a good job in very basic techniques etc.  So many people have said that it portrays domestic abuse which I have a very difficult time understanding as throughout the books just like the movie, Christian always asks for permission before acting any dominating sexual act.  Christian is insecure and tries to be controlling but you understand that he has baggage and he is scared about his emotions which is why he is so protective and almost creepy.

However in new relationships all people are insecure about their feelings and emotions and the level of trust, protection etc subdues over time in a relationship which happens over the trilogy in the books.  Therefore Christian is not as controlling in time, which of course you would not see in the first book or first movie.

Anastasia has control as she has the right to refuse or leave at any time which of course just like the first book she leaves as she feels that she can’t be what he wants with his dominating role in the Red Room.  Anastasia tried something he wanted and didn’t like it. Couples should try new ideas and if they don’t like something as long as they try it then you can’t complain as relationships are about trying new things together and finding levels of your relationship which you want to have together.

Last note about the movie – it needed more SEX where Anastasia is in control like her character in the books. The actor who portrayed Christian does not do a good job, I wanted to love him but I couldn’t.  So should you go see the movie – no wait until it is released on Netflix.

50 Shades of Grey Movie
50 Shades of Grey Movie

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