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How to Throw a Sex and the City Girls’ Night In!

I loved this Blog post about:

How to Throw a Sex and the City Girls’ Night In!.

It was great about games and drinks and maybe watching the Sex in the City DVD but I would add a Sex Toy Party to a Girls’ Night In as it can add that little extra excitement and maybe with an added Sex Ed Seminar – everyone might learn something new.

Sex Ed Seminars are great during a Sex Toy Party because we can always learn new Blow Job tricks and tips.  Also maybe some new techniques to improve your current sex positions?   The possibilities are endless with a Sex Ed Seminar.

So keep it in mind when you are organizing your next Girls’ Night In maybe add a Sex Ed Seminar mixed with Sex Toys, Sex Position Straps and Tools.

And of course at Sex Ed with a Twist we do those seminars and parties, contact us via laska@sexedwithatwist.com or text me at 604-657-7840, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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