Money saving ideas when HOSTING a SEX TOY PARTY / SEMINAR

Money is tight these days and many of my past Hostesses and Clients are finding it difficult to Host a Sex Toy Party Seminar.

But Hosting a Sex Toy Party can be organized with very reasonable costs under $50.00 or less.

Having a Girls Night can be fun and in our stressful lifestyle a Girls Night once in a while can be relaxing and stress free!!!

Need some Budget ideas to Host an Inexpensive Sex Toy Party Seminar.

First – your guests need to share in the cost maybe a Potluck or BYOB, (Bring your own Booze)

BYOB is perfect and you can ask your guests to bring their own Drinks and you provide the food or even both if you make it a Theme or Exchange.

One of the most popular Exchange Themes is a Wine Exchange – ask your guests to bring a Bottle of Wine to Drink at the Party and an EXTRA Bottle at a cost of $10-$15.00 for the Exchange.

Therefore you share one bottle of wine at the party and you exchange the other bottle.

Everyone goes home with a different bottle of wine.

Wine Exchange Sex Toy Party / Seminar - you trade your favourite wine!!!

Wine Exchange Sex Toy Party / Seminar – you trade your favourite wine!!!

Food Ideas that are simple and reasonable priced:

  • Cheese can be expensive but Cheese and Crackers are very popular – look for a simple Brie or Aged Cheddar with simple Crackers or Pita Chips.  Just one or two types of cheese.
  • Veggies and Dip is simple easy and reasonable.  I usually make my own Dip of Ranch Dressing or Italian dressing.
  • My favourite is Chips and Salsa.  I change-up the Salsa but adding some Bean Dip to a Basic Salsa or a couple of mashed Avocados.
  • My favourite Dessert ideas is Fresh Fruit, Strawberries, Orange slices, Pineapple and I purchase 1 litre of Whip Cream which I blend with some Bailey Irish Cream – simple and reasonable (you can add any style of alcohol).

You don’t need too much food to Host a Successful Sex Toy Party / Seminar.  Make it simple and reasonable.

Other favourite Theme idea when Hosting a Sex Toy Party / Seminar is to have a Cookie Exchange.

I love Cookie Exchanges specially before Christmas.

The focus is 24 cookies – 12 will be available for sharing at the Party and 12 will be exchanged – therefore everyone gets to go home with 12 different styles of cookies for their home!!!

Cookie Exchange perfect for Winter time and trying new cookies!!!

Cookie Exchange perfect for Winter time and trying new cookies!!!

When Hosting a Sex Toy Party Seminar with Laskamaria or one of Consultants via Parties with a Sexy Twist – you and your girlfriends will learn new techniques and view all the Sex Toys and Adult Novelties in the comfort of a home to ask questions and touch, feel the products.

Our pricing is lower than other Retail stores as we are competitive to the Internet.

Many of our products and inventory is available to purchase and take home that evening – all batteries are included.

As a Hostesses you will also receive discounts on your personal order just for Hosting a Sex Toy Party Seminar. 

Contact us via text or leave a message 604-657-7840 or email me:






How to Throw a Sex and the City Girls’ Night In!

I loved this Blog post about:

How to Throw a Sex and the City Girls’ Night In!.

It was great about games and drinks and maybe watching the Sex in the City DVD but I would add a Sex Toy Party to a Girls’ Night In as it can add that little extra excitement and maybe with an added Sex Ed Seminar – everyone might learn something new.

Sex Ed Seminars are great during a Sex Toy Party because we can always learn new Blow Job tricks and tips.  Also maybe some new techniques to improve your current sex positions?   The possibilities are endless with a Sex Ed Seminar.

So keep it in mind when you are organizing your next Girls’ Night In maybe add a Sex Ed Seminar mixed with Sex Toys, Sex Position Straps and Tools.

And of course at Sex Ed with a Twist we do those seminars and parties, contact us via or text me at 604-657-7840, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada