Lust from Jopen reminds me of the Plant from The Little Shop of Horrors Musical

So last week at work at the store on Davie Street here in Vancouver, BC – the boss brought in a couple of Jopen products from Cal Exotics called LUST.

LUST is a new rechargeable vibrator with ten programmed functions, soft silicone and charges with a USB cord.

It is a really powerful vibrator but I have a problem with it cuz it looks like a baby version of the plant from that 80’s musical called Little Shop of Horrors. Look at the picture….


See what I mean??!!!!??? Does it look like that creepy plant or a section of that plant.

I have a hard time putting items that remind me of something else near my personal sexual regions.

Therefore I probably won’t use this item but the retail cost is not bad at $100.00 so maybe???!!!

What are your thoughts???

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