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Why Sex Toy Manufacturers are Changing to USB power output for the future

So with the influx of the luxury Sex Toy products entering the market many manufacturers are changing the basic power cord to USB power cords – the reason why?

So they don’t have to manufacturer different powered sex toy for each country as North American’s power cord outlet is different than the UK / European power outlet yet all computers have universal USB power outlets – so why not save money as a manufacturer and only design sex toys for USB power outlets.

And that is the only reason – therefore they save money and we have to charge our sex toys via our computer or purchase an USB power cord changing unit for an extra $10-$30 each.

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2 comments on “Why Sex Toy Manufacturers are Changing to USB power output for the future

  1. Andrea Duffy

    Actually i have to deny that as a manufacturer we produce sex toys that don’t need any charge at all as they are powered by 7/10 speed bullets. We are also currently producing a range that have universal adapters that come with the products.

    • Thanks for the comment Andrea – yes there are lots of Sex Toys being manufactured with batteries however, the majority for rechargable vibrators are turning into USB ports instead of direct power ports – which makes sense. Thanks for the read and comments – appreciate it.

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