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Summer in Vancouver, BC

You have to love summer and the gorgeous sunshine we have had this summer in Vancouver.

But I personally think that this hot and warm weather has brought out the sex devil in each one of us.

This summer I have heard some amazing sex stories from first time anal sex couples, newbies to swingers, couples getting together in sets, groups or switching roles. I have to say that the people in Vancouver definitely came out if their sexual shell this summer.

I have always found it quite interesting that so many people comment on how hard it is to meet people in the City of Vancouver – whereas if you just smile a bit more and say ‘hi’ to someone without having any reason. Just because someone might say hello to you don’t assume they are a freak of nature or that there is someone wrong with them. Just accept it and say hello back.a

Who knows maybe if we are all a bit more friendly – then you too can come out of your social shell and start having some serious fun and maybe throw in a couple of those sexual fun fantasies for good taste.

You gotta love this city!!!

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