Sex Without Emotions

Sometimes Sex without any Emotions is just what someone might need as long as you play safe, secure and no one is getting hurt!!


A lot of people talk about having “fuck buddies”, or “friends with benefits”, and sometimes they actually say they just want “sex with no emotions” 

I call that bullshit, or maybe denial.  I could definitely have a female friend that I also sometimes had sex with; I absolutely could.  However, let’s remember the “buddies” and “friends” part of those terms.  If you called a friend and said you really didn’t want to be alone, and asked if you could get together, and they blew you off without caring that you need them, how would you feel about them as a friend?  You’re starting to get an idea what I mean now, right? 

Even during so-called casual sex, or for that matter, while masturbating, most people imagine they are with another human being, a farm animal, or (*shudders*) SOMETHING!!!  Even a rape fantasy, or actual rape, involves the reaction of another…

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