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Vibrators Explained Battery Operated versus Rechargeable

A great Blog Post about the differences when choosing a Battery operated Vibrator or a Rechargeable Vibrator – which one will work best for your style???

The Garden of Eden Canada

At the Garden of Eden in Victoria, BC we get asked about the difference between Battery Operated Vibrators and Rechargeable Vibrators and we want to explain some differences when deciding which is the right choice for you.

Battery Operated Vibrators

  • Reasonable Priced
  • High pitch vibration (buzzing sound)
  • Some are waterproof – some are not – it is easy to tell as the waterproof ones have a silicone ring around the cap where the batteries are to be placed.  In addition, when submerged in water  – you start twisting the cap then the item is not waterproof anymore.
  • Battery Life changes on what type of battery:
  • Cell Batteries (Watch batteries) have a have short battery life max 6 hours
  • N size batteries do not have the power like the AAA or AA also occasionally can be hard to replace as it is difficult to find replacements.
  • AAA batteries are powerful however AA is even more powerful.
  • C…

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