Divorce Party Anyone?

At Sex Ed with a Twist we have been part of Divorce Parties for years where women get together and what to view the SEX TOYS but keeping in mind that the Sex Ed Seminar is focused on the Single Girl. We also give advise on different dating sites and areas to visit in our local areas to meet a New Guy!! We love the Divorce Party games from burning old picture ritual, throw darts at his picture to the amazing huge cakes focusing on the Exiting Male Partner!!

Divorce Parties are all the rage and they are fun!!! So if you are ending a relationship – Party Hard!!!

Cleveland's Star 102

Yes, this is apparently a thing. Huff post reports party pro’s are seeing a trend in couples celebrating their “conscious uncoupling.”

Although I can’t imagine the  parties are amiable partings – I have to imagine that some of them are “I’m bitter that you screwed up my life and I’m glad I used your stuff for a bonfire on the front lawn” parties. (Those are probably the wildest one is my guess.

Read the Huff Post article in full here.

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