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WeVibe 3 versus WeVibe 4 my opinion


We Vibe introduced the WeVibe 4 late last year 2013  and it has taken me a while to write this post about my opinion on the WeVibe 3 and WeVibe 4.

Personally I like both but for different reasons and for different women.

WeVibe 3 is cheaper than the 4 but the silicone outer coat is not smooth and soft like the 4.  The 3 is larger in size than the 4 which is fantastic for some women but not all women.  As women have different shapes, sizes and ways they enjoy being stimulated so different sizing is important.  Not everyone likes the same size.

The 3 also have a Remote Control unit which is completely rechargeable via the enclosed case the WeVibe unit charges in.  Whereas the 4 Remote Control unit is not rechargeable there is a small flat battery in the remote control part which to this day I have not opened to check out or replaced yet.

The Remote Control Units on the 3 is simple with just one button to switch between the 7 functions and speeds.  There is no On/Off Button on the 3 remote.  Whereas the 4 Remote Control unit has four buttons, High/Low and On/Off.  So many different combinations you can work with.

Both units has encased Recharging Stations and both use an USB post cable for charging.  The only difference is the material on units, the remote control unit and the size.  So you have to make the decision which unit will work for your body type.

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