Lubricants – which ones are better???

Lubricants – so what should I look for when purchasing a Lubricant as there are so many lubricants on the market. From my experience in selling and using Lubricants – they are all basic with a bit of variation.

Your choice is Water-based, Silicone or Hybrid which is a combination of Water and Silicone. And then with the Water based you can have Organic. But serious so many choices and ingredients, the list can go on and on and on.

But the majority of clients I deal with and what I prefer is a Lubricant which a pump because at that moment the pour bottles suck as you can pour to much or squeeze too much and it gets all over the place, bedsheets, hands etc, etc.

Therefore a pump in a Lubricant bottle is easier to handle during sex, plain and simple.

So when purchasing a Lubricant look for Pump Bottles!!! Just my opinion.

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