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Sin City Vancouver, BC

Sin City Fetish Night – Vancouver, BC

Last weekend after many months of either working every night or being a mother to a sixteen year old boy – I finally made it to Sin City located here in Vancouver, BC at the Red Room on Richards Street.

Honestly I have never been a huge fan of the Red Room over the years but last weekend Sin City was so much fun – such a good vibe with huge energy. That is the one thing that Sin City has perfected is the energy which is that everyone from all shapes, sizes, fetishes and personality will be accepted at Sin City.

Many of my clients think that you will only be accepted if you are a fan of bondage or a certain fetish etc but that is not true. The real meaning of Sin City parties and events are that they accept anyone who is willing to put effort into a fetish theme attire. Therefore attitudes are left at the door. You have to love that type of energy.

So last weekend, I got very drunk off Beer but I started with Bailey’s and Coffee since I had worked 8 hours beforehand and one of my close friends picked me up and drove. He hadn’t been to a Sin City for the past year and he was very excited about attending a Sin City Event.

Oh what fun – Sin City can be – where everyone dances with you and everyone is so friendly and not in a creepy way but a true friendly, open environment. The dungeon is always very popular for you to sit back and watch the talent from floggers, whips, rope and interesting techniques you must attend to see. If you are interested in being part of the dungeon play – no one will judge you and remember is it about fun – just something different from the norm.

The organizer and his wonderful girlfriend put a fantastic Floor Show with an assortment mix of music to keep you dancing all night. Of course when I get drunk – I become quite vocal, with cheers and hollers as I turn into a “truck driver in a peeler bar”, but it is always in good fun and with positive energy.

The one things I think I miss the most, when I seem to be too busy with work and life is that Sin City patrons are so welcoming and friendly to everyone that you feel that you belong to a huge community and you meet some of the most amazing friends and clients. Of course the sexual energy is always a welcome and it’s up to you how much of that sexual energy you want to consume.

So in conclusion about Sin City last weekend it was so much fun and thank you so much everyone, and if you are interested in attending check out the website link – I added on the top of this Blog post.

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