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Wreck Beach – Vancouver, BC in May 2013!!!!

For those who don’t know about Wreck Beach located in Vancouver, BC, Canada – it is one of the most famous nude beach in North America.

Wreck Beach is a world on its own. It has a sense of freedom and escape from the busy city lifestyle of the city. Located close to the city – between the city core and the international airport on the shores of the University of British Columbia campus.

The one thing that differs Wreck Beach from other beautiful Vancouver and BC beaches is not just the nudity option but the stairs. You first have to walk down this long case of steep stairs I think over 200 steps. The trek down is not problem but the trek back up the stairs is a completely different story. Specially if you are drinking beers and smoking some homegrown BC bud.

So the first weekend of May 2013 – the Sunday was gorgeous and so bright and sunny – simply perfect for a beach day with my girlfriends. Lucky me, my son drove us to Wreck Beach which is only 10 mins away from my place – lucky me!!! Once again going down the stairs no problem with our backpacks packed with cold beers, party favours and chips and salsa. What a gorgeous day to lie naked on a beach with your favourite girlfriends – soaking up the sun and living life with no stress or drama. So many people were down at Wreck Beach – friend’s visiting – stopping by – thanking the Sun Gods for the beautiful sunshine. Fantastic day for the first sunny weekend in May – May in Vancouver, BC usually consists of rain during the month of May.

Once the sun started to set – up the stairs we go – OMG – these stairs are horrible when you have drunk a little too much beer and smoked a little too much BC bud – but we made it and our driver picked us up and delivered us safely to our door steps.

But not only was that the first day of Wreck Beach day but the following week we had another sunny, warm beach weather day and off I went to Wreck Beach again but this time – on a Thursday – so I headed to Wreck by myself. First taking the UBC bus to the beach and heading down the long stairs once again. But this time being all alone – you have two options hang out by yourself or find some new friends. And that is what makes Wreck Beach different as you can always make new friends and people are so welcoming and friendly. And that is exactly what I did. Therefore I spend the next 4 hours chatting with new friends, clients, talking about business, ideas, and direction. So positive and energetic. You have to love Wreck Beach. Not only do you get an all-over-tan without the tan lines but your get to meet new people and new experiences.

You gotta love Wreck Beach and I can’t wait to go again.

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