Obsession 7 function Bullet

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Our new Obsession 7 Function Bullet is amazing. A well designed bullet with a new shaped silver coated egg which is reinforced with a sealant between the cord and the egg. Therefore the Egg is waterproof and harder to pull apart from the controller during those ‘heated moments”. This Obsession uses 2 AA batteries and the controller is really silky and soft to the touch. The Buttons are really easy to use and simple to organize through the 7 functions. You can add any one of our Holsters or Bunny Finger Sleeve – all designed out of a combination of Silicone and TPR. An excellent bullet available in Canada for retail and wholesale clients.

Owner and Operator of Sex Ed with a Twist - offering sexual information in a tasteful yet fun manner. Adult novelties, via retail, wholesale or via Sex Toy Parties and Sexuality Seminars. Recently added Cannabis and Micro-Dosing Magic Mushroom education for sexuality.

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