All the craze for Rechargeable Vibrators

So there is this amazing craze for all these high-end, expensive Rechargeable Vibrators on the market.

Don’t get me wrong they are amazing vibrators but it is necessary for us in this stressed economy to purchase such expensive sex toys?

If you want to purchase a Rechargeable Vibrator this is my opinion on the matter.

Positive aspects first.

First rechargeable vibrators are quiet, really, really quiet so if that is a major purchasing factor then consider Rechargeable Vibrators.

Second, they are completely waterproof if the charging unit is hidden from the outside elements.

Third they have a warranty and the material they use to manufacture rechargeable vibrators are one of the highest on the market.

Negative aspects, they are expensive.  Really expensive for some.

Second, the warranty doesn’t include basic use and dropping it on the floor or if the family pet gets it and rips it to nothing.

Third, you can wash the new rechargeable vibrators with lots of soap, water, etc but still you should always think about getting a new product every year as this product is touching one of the most delicate parts of your body so get a new one every year for hygiene purposes.

So that is my take on rechargeable vibrators.

And my favourite are the We-Vibe Remote 111, Salsa or Tango from We-Vibe, the Jimmy Jane products are amazing and Fun Factory Rechargeable are always a favourite

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