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Butt Plugs and Anal Beads

Butt Plugs
Butt Plugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and material quality, and usually have a small tapered neck that expands to a flared base. Once the anal muscles close around the neck, the base keeps the plug snuggly fitted inside your body within slipping in. Butt Plugs are meant to remain stationary inside the rectum.  Some of the popular butt plugs have a tapered base so it sits comfortable against the

Butt plug sizes range from about the size of a pinky finger to a fist and are available in vinyl, jelly rubber, silicone, and glass.  We always recommend a smaller butt plug to try first before the larger size.  Also the price of Butt Plugs are based on the quality of material used in manufacturing the plug.  The more expensive than the quality is better for the body.  If you enjoy a feeling of fullness in the anus, but don’t want a lot of movement, then butt plugs are the toy for you.

Anal Beads
Anal beads are exactly what they sound like — a series of beads that are either strung together on a cord or attached to a plastic or silicone stem and inserted into the anus. They stimulate the anal opening as is opens and closes around each beady. For some people, this feeling alone can induce orgasm.  Once again Anal Bead’s quality is determined on quality of material.

The choice of Anal Beads versus Butt Plugs is a personal choice – and have fun experimenting.  Remember for Anal Toys always remember that they should have a base or a cord as we do not want any accidents with toys getting lost in the anus. We offer many different styles of both products http://www.toyzforsex.com


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