The New Go-Go Slider


Amazing new product Stainless Steel with 6 1/2 inch insert able silicone – the slide will give you the ultimate sexual experience.

Once in the hands of your lover this unit will give you the power and satisfaction to ‘fuck’ your partner to the height of desire she wants to experience.

Available in Stainless Steel only and the silicone slider is only available in the Deep Purple.

Laska’s opinion:  This product is amazing – if you want to get fucked hard this is the item and when it is in the hands of your lover it feels like a solid tool not some simple novelty.  This item is for the couple who wants a very visual experience for the giver and an amazing hard-core fucking experience for the receiver.

Product is very easy to keep clean.

This product is perfect for couples or group situations.

Amazing – here is what the manufacturer wrote on their website.

In your hands you hold an amazing work of art to be used with care and respect, just like a woman should be treated. Our luxury stainless steel model is made of:

~ high grade platinum cured medical grade silicone

~ 301 medical grade stainless steel,

~ hand polished to a brilliant smoothness, creating an orgasmic combination and sensation never before experienced.

 Expertly designed to honor the sleek and individually unique silhouette and contour of a woman’s body. The Go-Go Glider fulfills the special, individual needs of a woman with it’s smooth, no-pinch design to insure a highly intense, erotic experience.

Purchase our product with confidence, knowing that we are committed to bringing you the highest quality products that are:

Phthalate Free | Latex Free | Non-Porous | Heavy Metal Free | Arsenic Free | Formaldehyde Free | Lead Paint Free | BPA Free | Paraben Free | 2-Butoxyethanol Free | Hypoallergenic | Non-toxic | Odorless | Body Safe

To order Canadian price of $190.00 free shipping anywhere in Canada.

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Butt Plugs and Anal Beads

Butt Plugs
Butt Plugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and material quality, and usually have a small tapered neck that expands to a flared base. Once the anal muscles close around the neck, the base keeps the plug snuggly fitted inside your body within slipping in. Butt Plugs are meant to remain stationary inside the rectum.  Some of the popular butt plugs have a tapered base so it sits comfortable against the

Butt plug sizes range from about the size of a pinky finger to a fist and are available in vinyl, jelly rubber, silicone, and glass.  We always recommend a smaller butt plug to try first before the larger size.  Also the price of Butt Plugs are based on the quality of material used in manufacturing the plug.  The more expensive than the quality is better for the body.  If you enjoy a feeling of fullness in the anus, but don’t want a lot of movement, then butt plugs are the toy for you.

Anal Beads
Anal beads are exactly what they sound like — a series of beads that are either strung together on a cord or attached to a plastic or silicone stem and inserted into the anus. They stimulate the anal opening as is opens and closes around each beady. For some people, this feeling alone can induce orgasm.  Once again Anal Bead’s quality is determined on quality of material.

The choice of Anal Beads versus Butt Plugs is a personal choice – and have fun experimenting.  Remember for Anal Toys always remember that they should have a base or a cord as we do not want any accidents with toys getting lost in the anus. We offer many different styles of both products


Ora – the Oral Stimulator from Lelo


Lelo has introduced a new vibrator called the Ora which is an Oral Stimulator.  It is an interesting product.

First it is rechargeable, and since it is part of the Insigma product line – it is waterproof as mentioned on the Lelo website.

However I have a problem with that since the recharging hole is a few inches behind the unit which when in use would be right next to the entrance of the vagina.  So this worries me for moisture and having the main electrical part directly pointed at my vaginal entrance.

The Ora is silicone and has a ball the rotates and it is to be used on the clitoris as an Oral Stimulator.  I like the feeling of the rotating ball but if you add any pressure to the unit the ball clicks which scares me.  The clicking sound doesn’t make it a positive and quiet private experience.  Noise with a expensive high-end sex toy is bothersome.

The Ora has 10 rotating functions and speeds and not only does in rotate but you can have the whole unit vibrate with the 10 functions and speeds.  It takes a bit of reading to understand how to work the Ora as their are 3 main buttons – + and then the middle button which changes the functions and which changes from just the ball rotating to rotating and vibrating. Confusing???  It can be so read the instructions!!

I was a bit disappointed that you could not change the direction (clockwise) of the rotating ball to rotate anti-clockwise.  The clicking drove me crazy.  The handle section is in plastic and I think that the hole for the handle section is not comfortable enough or large enough to fit my fingers.  And not everyone’s hand is the same standard size.

It is a cool concept but spending $200 plus is a little extreme for a Oral Stimulator – so I’m not a big fan of the Ora.

Lelo UTube Video on the Ora