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Check out these Sex Toy Packages from the 80’s


So I am working tonight, Friday night at the store and it is slow – but what can you expect a week after Valentine’s Day which is a busy time of the year for Sex Toy Stores.

But I took a couple of pictures of two Sex Toy Package from 1980’s – look at the items we use to purchase.  Nothing more exciting than GREEN Anal Beads with matching GREEN Lubricant with GREEN G-String and Vibrator.  WOW you really have to like the colour green and the smell of these Rubber/Latex sex toys is over-coming.

At least the picture below is the GOLD package – all in GOLD & WHITE, but you know that is Painted GOLD colour only – so the paint can chip off.  But that WHITE plastic rubber smelling sleeve is nice.  Also the Lubricant is WHITE but then that could be because this package is 30 years old.

We have come a long way with the quality of SEX TOYS.



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