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So your job is to help organize a Bachelorette / Stagette Party.  This is a list of ideas and thoughts for you to consider if you are in the Vancouver, BC Canada area.

Having a Sex Toy party with me, Laskamaria via Sex Ed with a Twist.

I offer Sex Toy parties for Bachorette / Stagette parties, however, I specialize in the education of sex toys.

If you are just interested in having me as the entertainment factor then my parties will not work for you.

The Bachelorette / Stagette Sex Toy Parties that I help organize are concentrated on learning new techniques, understanding sex toys, adding products to blow job and hand jobs and how adding sex toys can spice up a sex life.

My events are fun, informative and tasteful.

I do not charge for hosting a party or set any minimums for hosting a party based around the Vancouver, BC area.

The seminar on a Basic Sex Toy Party lasts 30 – 45 minutes concentrating on the Sex Toys.

Having a Sex Seminar / Workshop mixed with Sex Toy Party

Added an Advanced Seminar to your Basic Toy Party for your Bachelorette / Stagette Party.

I can offer you a longer seminar – a combination of the Blow Job / Hand Job Techniques mixed with the Position Seminar therefore adding your Seminar to 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours in length.

Basic price starts at $80.00 based on location and number of people.

Call me direct for added cost or waving the discount based on sales or we can work out a plan for your Bachelorette / Stagette Party, as each party is different.

Call me or TEXT ME at 604-657-7840 to discuss your Party or Seminar or email me: laskamaria@yahoo.ca

Male Strippers

We use to have many night clubs / bars to see Male Strippers here in Vancouver; however there are very few nightclubs and bars doing Ladies Nights. Good luck on your search as they change frequently.

If you would like to Hire a Male Stripper for your party.  This choice can be easily done here in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Price usually starts at $300 plus.

There are other companies out there offering Male Strippers but read the small print as some companies do not send the guy you picked out.  I was at a Bachelorette Party recently and the girls hired a guy from another company and picked out a buff-bald, shaven guy and the company sent a short, older 40 year old guy with blond dyed hair.  The girls were very upset.

Two local companies who offer Male Strippers are:

Raphael Exotic Male Entertainment

Stripper Net – Male Entertainment

Other Types of Male Enterainment

There are few other companies that other ‘Male Entertainment’ for Bachelorette and Girls Only Parties.

There is a couple of new concepts are:

Hiring Male Butlers who will work in the Buff – bartending and serving you and your girlfriends.

Butlers in the Buff

Doing Art Drawing of a Male Model in an art studio for all the girls through:

Drawn to Men – Art Parties for Women

Pole Dancing, Dance Lessons or Burlesque Party.

Here is Vancouver, BC, there are a few companies who offer these services.  Some companies have Dance Studios and can accommodate your Bachelorette Party.  It is worth checking out services and packages they offer:

Tantra Fitness – Pole Dancing in Vancouver

Ava Fitness – Pole Dancing in New Westminster

The Goddess Movement – Pole Dancing Abbotsford

I Dance Studio in Vancouver – Dance classes in Vancouver

Vancouver Burlesques Centre – offering Burlesque

Spa Party.

Contact your local Spa in your neighbourhood and see if they offer a special for you and your friends to have a spa experience.  Some places offer beverages and treats and amazing prices.  Also their facility can handle a group better than a In-Home Spa Party.  So do a search for someone close to you.

Other Ideas for Party Themes in Vancouver

It is all about being creative when organizing a Bachelorette Party so I found some other companies and ideas you should consider.

We have a Gun Range in Coquitlam and they offer fabulous packages for Ladies.

Vancouver Gun Range

Or what about a Chocolate Making Class or Cooking Class

Chocolate Making Classes – in Yaletown

Dirty Apron – Cooking Classes in Gastown

Some other ideas you can research are Cupcaking Decorating Classes, a Photo Shoot or Glamor Photo Shoot, Casino Night at the new Hard Rock Vancouver or River Rock Casino.  Maybe a Boat Cruise around Vancouver Harbour or a trip to Victoria or Whistler.  And of course there are many Clubs, Bars and Restaurants who offer private rooms and sections for your Bachelorette Party including Wine Bars mixed with Art like Raw Canvas or Society with the private upstairs section.  Just do your research on what is available.

Planning the Party Ideas

Penis Cake Tin – a great idea, to make a cake in the shape of a penis.  I have seen the most amazing cakes from erected penis cakes, to basic chocolate penis with chocolate sprinkles looking like pubic hair.  I sell Penis Cake Tins for $20.00 plus but if you want to design a version yourself, it is really simple.  First a rectangle pan for the shaft of the penis, and cut out the head and shaft simple.  Then either two small round pans for the two balls or one round pan and split the circle in half for half balls.  Then decorate in whatever colour you want, black, brown, flesh etc and use some brown sprinkles for the public hair.  Simple cake.

Penis Ice Cube Trays – what fun, these are.  Six shapes of penis in a plastic tray.

A great ‘free-idea’ is to make frozen chocolate banana sticks, they look like a penis and cheap to do.  Purchase bananas then place a stick, like the one you would purchase for putting veggies on a stick for the BBQ or meat.  Place the stick into one end of the banana so it turns into a handle for the banana, then warm up regular chocolate, then dip the bananas into the chocolate and place on a cookie sheet, big enough to fit into your freezer.  Once all banana’s are covered in chocolate place in the freezer overnight, at least 8 hours.  And wow a fun novelty dessert for all the girls.

A potluck is a great idea, with everyone bringing a bit of something, from sushi, veggies and dip, fruit, cheese and crackers, spinach dip, baguettes and bread, a seven layer dip. Finger food.  Another great idea for fruit is a chocolate fondue I have seen them sold in grocery stores in milk, dark or white chocolate and it is great for fruit, small finger sponge cake.  Also I went to one party where the hostess made a fruit dip from Cool Whip and a couple of shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream mixed in and it was amazing.

As for cups, napkins, plates, straws etc, we can individually order in penis shaped plastic wear for you or your could just order of Bachelorette Party in a Box.   I have a few different sets on our website www.toyzforsex.com

Drinks, what to drink, a punch is the cheapest method or BYOB.  But many of the parties I have attended, it is Martini’s and Cosmos, and interesting Martini’s from Sour Apple, Exotic Coolers, Red Bull and Vodka. So many different varieties.

Name Tags, one of the best ideas I have ever seen is penis shape cut outs and then name everyone a rhyming name: Luscious Laska, Dirty Debby, Sexy Suzy, etc, etc.

I have some fantastic Event Planning Ideas on my Pinterest account to view go to:

So the Party is planned what about the Games.  Games can be fun, but they definitely need organizing.

At the Bar Games:

Mardi Gras Bead Game – every girl has a pack of 4-6 different color beads, the object of the game is while at the bar they must get men to do different things to receive one of their necklaces.  For example, the red bead necklace is to get a lap dance from a guy, while the green necklace is for the guy who buys you a drink.  You make the list of actions for the beads, and I have seen some very risque actions, from breasts to actually full nudity.  You can purchase Beads at any Dollar Store.

The Bar Challenge Card Game for Bachelorette – this deck of cards has all the rules, and regulations for doing a fun bar challenge for you and all the girls, we sell the card pack for $10.00 each – please click to: www.toyzforsex.com

Suck for a Buck T-shirt Game – this is a fun game and you can make it yourself at home.  What you need is to purchase a cheap white t-shirt.  Then get a couple of rolls of life-savers different colours, and then start sewing them all over the t-shirt.  Also before sewing on the life-savers, write in black felt pen across the chest, “Suck for a Buck”.  Then at the bar, charge the guys a buck to try and get the life-saver with their mouth and teeth.  A great way to purchase drinks with the money you will receive.

Also it is so much fun for the bride-to-be to carry around a Glow in the Dark Penis Sports Bottle – click here: www.toyzforsex.com

Or another great idea is to have a Blow Up Male Doll for the bride-to-be to take out with her, our gorgeous Man is available – click to:  www.toyzforsex.com

At Home Games:

Pin the Penis on the Man which can be so much fun, just an adult version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Many of my clients have designed their own male poster and then cut out different version of penises from the internet or magazines.  Blind-fold the guest and spin her around and then see where she places the penis.  A great game.

Clay Sculpture Contest – for you and all the girls, see who molds the best looking penis out of plaster or clay.   Ensure that each girl gets the same amount of plaster or play-dough.  The plaster is cheap in Dollar Stores or Discount Stores.  And whoever makes the best sculpture wins.

Scavenger Hunt – of course this can be done in or outside the home, make a fun scavenger hunt.  Divide the girls into two groups and see who gets all the clues to the treasure.

TP Dress Contest – of course how much fun would a Toilet Paper Bride Dress Contest would be.  Divide the girls into groups and one person per group is the model, the others are the designers of the TP dress.  The group with the best dress wins.  You must remember to purchase lots of toilet paper for this game.

Last, is Advice from the Bride-to-be Bowl, where you and the guests write on small pieces of paper, ideas, comments, suggestions about marriage, relationships, sex, etc.  Everyone places them in a bowl and the bride pulls them out and reads them out.  Then all the suggestions go into a small keepsake box.  A great idea for the bride.

Prizes and items for the Guests:

Now what would be the point of having games and activities without prizes or even goody bags for all the guests.  Some of my suggestions are as follows:

Lubricant samples, Dice, Cards, Condoms, Penis shaped items, necklaces, etc.

Visit my website:

Toyz For Sex – Online Store for Sex Toys & Bachelorette Items

Last note about Bachelorette Parties – they are just suppose to be fun so enjoy yourself and ensure that everyone returns home in a safe way.

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