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Vancouver Canada Great Beaches Good Looking People

Just as summer approaches, the weather here in Vancouver turns from rain, rain and more rain into sunshine and you cannot but enjoy this city in summer. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So green and clean. And we have a fun community if you can break out of your shell and discover it.

I have lived in Vancouver for years now and I love how green and clean this city is for its natural beauty. But there is another type of beauty here in Vancouver and that is the people. Vancouver has really attractive people as we are a city who does keep fit and active therefore, good shaped people.

Everyday in Vancouver you see so many people walking, biking, jogging, working out. Vancouver people love to be active. You have to love it when the sun is out and the clothes come off because this is where you do want to see the naked skin. Why else would we not have one of the most famous nude beaches in the world. And if you aren’t into complete nudity then there is Kits Beach, Spanish Banks, Second Beach, Third Beach, White Rock, etc etc etc.

We have tons of ocean beaches to enjoy here, and not just for the sun the view is not too bad either.

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