Sex Toys and Weed Parties getting more popular

So for the past year I have slowly been adding Cannabis infused products to my Sex Toy Parties and they have become very popular.  Cannabis and Sex Toys go hand in hand.

The Weed Seminar is a blast with me explaining in simple terms the difference of CBD and THC , Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.  And a simple explanation of Edibles and how to control your dosing.  Edibles are really easy to understand remember that 10 mg of THC per edible is like a glass of Wine so if you get drunk off 2 glasses of wine then no more than 20 mg of THC for you.   Personally I like to mix my booze and edibles so I go for 3-4 drinks and 10-20 mg of THC in edibles.  And a little tib bit if you get too high from edibles take Vitamin C pills lots of them and you will mellow out your body high.  I have also introduced many Cannabis infused Lubricants, Lotions and Creams and during a Home Party you get the chance to touch and feel all the topical products.

I wanted to share with you what I offer at my Sex Toy and Weed Parties this 2018 Spring and Summer season.

I do offer some Vape products and some Cannabis Sativa, Indica and Hybrid flower in 3.5 grams plus rolling papers.

Topicals so many to view including many you can touch, feel and smell.

Edibles I offer a selection of edibles starting at 10 mg THC for caramels, different Gummies, Candies and Chocolates, including Honey and Coconut Oil.

Then the Sex Toys, and this year I have found some fantastic battery operated toys from BLUSH from a great G-Spot Vibrator for $30.00 to the Gio in Black with a larger girth and deep vibration yet flexible in the tip to reach the G-Spot and only $40.00.

Then in the Rechargeable Vibrators the new Womanizer Scarlet is amazing at $100.00 with 4 speeds and half the price of the regular unit but fits so nice in the palm of your hand. Amazing

Then the new Sensuelle products added to the powerful JOIE 15 function rechargeable bullet but the Baelli is amazing for a $90.00 G-Spot Vibrator.  This item has a flexible tips and excellent quality.

Of course I will be adding more sex toys and weed products as the year continue and I always have great deals and pricing and I do offer Hostess discounts for hosting a party so email me at or text me at 604-657-7840 I would love to help you organize a KICK ASS – Sex Toy and Weed Party!!!!

Pain Cream – infused with THC – fast acting powerful

Senuelle Baelli a 15 function rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

Blush Gio – battery operated larger girth vibrator with flexible tip

Orgasmic Oil for him and her with Joibaba Oil and THC – a wow to your sex life

Womanizer Scarlet powerful clitoral vibrator at a great price – rechargeable and petite.

Cannabis Infused Pleasure Oils for him or her – this will pop your sex organ

November in Vancouver

So it’s November in Vancouver, BC and it starts getting cold.

However I was at Wreck Beach suntanning naked. Seriously there are people who suntan all year round here in Canada.

You just need to be prepared, reflectors help and a bit of shelter from the wind and of course the sun needs to be out.

But seriously I was suntanning yesterday in the gorgeous sun. But that is probably the end of it for awhile since it is going to be cold with rain.

Rain is what is our usual thing here in Vancouver, BC but it keeps things fresh and clean so I can’t complain. Enjoy November!!!

Vancouver Canada Great Beaches Good Looking People

Just as summer approaches, the weather here in Vancouver turns from rain, rain and more rain into sunshine and you cannot but enjoy this city in summer. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So green and clean. And we have a fun community if you can break out of your shell and discover it.

I have lived in Vancouver for years now and I love how green and clean this city is for its natural beauty. But there is another type of beauty here in Vancouver and that is the people. Vancouver has really attractive people as we are a city who does keep fit and active therefore, good shaped people.

Everyday in Vancouver you see so many people walking, biking, jogging, working out. Vancouver people love to be active. You have to love it when the sun is out and the clothes come off because this is where you do want to see the naked skin. Why else would we not have one of the most famous nude beaches in the world. And if you aren’t into complete nudity then there is Kits Beach, Spanish Banks, Second Beach, Third Beach, White Rock, etc etc etc.

We have tons of ocean beaches to enjoy here, and not just for the sun the view is not too bad either.