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Personal experience with Hallucinogenics

I wanted to write this Blog post about my own personal experiences with using Hallucinogenics, Magic Mushrooms and LSD.

I am a regular cannabis user and honestly I thought up to 2 years ago that magic mushrooms and LSD were for people to just get high – Hell no – using hallucinogenics in the pre menopausal stage of life has helped me more than ever thought they could.

This is my story about micro-dosing and using hallucinogenics to help with my daily life as I transition into menopause and my older life.  I am 49 years old tomorrow almost 50 years of age – honestly I never feel old until I see my son who will be 24 years old this year. Otherwise coming into menopause is an experience on its own.

First a little note about me is that I have these two problems:


During my period my life is hell – I have to stay home as my periods are that bad, but two years ago these problems became hell everyday.  I used cannabis to help me sleep and cannabis suppositories to help relieve my cramps.  But I realized I was having mood issues and brain fogs where I wouldn’t know what day or year it was or what I was doing.  This is a major symptom of pre menopause as our hormones fluctuates during the changes of our bodies.

So I started to experience with different mushrooms – magic mushrooms ie micro-dosing.  Micro-dosing is less than a quarter of a gram of something – a small amount not to get you high but to help maintain a normal balance when you are having non-normal days.  That is micro-dosing in the simple terms – they help make you normal, happy and positive, which is why people who suffer anxiety, depression, mind lapses need to consider micro-dosing.

Micro-dosing in Cannabis or Magic Mushrooms or LSD is a quarter of what an average person needs to take to get high.  Natural hallucinogenics help heal you and make you normal when you are not feeling normal the balance is getting the right combo for your individual body and personality.

I started with the dry mushrooms and many people start just like myself with Golden Teachers which is a basic Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushroom, there are many other strains which I offer in 1 gram chocolates and they can be cut and divided in quarters or half’s.  Other Psilocybe Cubensis  mushrooms are Penis Envy, Big Mex, Rusty White etc so many different types with different experiences – however this blog post is only about Golden Teachers and micro-dosing as it is the most reasonable price and easiest to grow and handle.  So the problem with dried mushrooms is the measurement which is why capsules are so important to get the measurement correct.  One major problem with micro-dosing is that if you get high which is a great feeling it can cause problems if you need to function and a capable level during your day time routine.

So capsules are my personal favourite to micro-dosing but many of my clients love the chocolates as they are a full gram and with these 70% dark chocolate pieces you can divide the 1 gram chocolate into half’s or quarters as you need to cut the flower into sections to micro-dose.

So capsules are my favourite and I take on the days that I need mind clarity or I am feeling down and I usually take one capsules midday after breakfast and coffee.  The reaction is that when you micro-dose you are just trying to feel normal on the days you are not normal.  My favourite combo of the 3 different capsules I make with .25 grams of Golden Teachers per capsule is with Turmeric, Ginger and Black Pepper as I have stomach issues when it comes to mushrooms so this combo works best for me.

When I am having a really bad day and I know Magic Mushrooms are not going to work – I work with the LSD and now this stuff is strong if you dose a full tab or I take a quarter when I want to micro-dose and this stuff works like a charm.  Each tab is .125 micro grams on the level of Acid is a high normal which is why you want to cut these tiny tabs of paper into half or quarters.  I really like LSD but mushrooms are my regular micro-dose which works for me.

When do I take my capsule – is when I feel ‘OFF” – a bad day or I just don’t feel normal.  They help me with my daily routine.  Simple!!!!

Now since hallucinogenics are illegal – does it make me a bad person to use these – HELL NO – I’m just trying to be normal – not a major drug user with micro-dosing – I am just trying to feel normal.

Therefore if you want to try Hallucinogenics why not and see if this is something you want to add to your life and lifestyle – they are not for everyone and some people have zero experiences with using them as medication can change some peoples experiences as prescription medication for anxiety and depression can cancel out the natural medicine and effects of hallucinogenics.

But for me the medical field did not help with my menopausal experiences so I did my own personal research and experimented on myself so maybe it is time for you to start your own personal journey about your health.


Magic Mushrooms in Capsules or Chocolates

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